Forgiveness Prayer for Courage to Face the Unknown:

Higher Power, Divine Spirit, Creator, God, Source of All That Is – You are known by many names, and You are One. We thank You for being there, for the many blessings you shower on us, for Your omnipresence and Your eternal love.

We ask for us and all our ancestors, through all time, space, dimensions, realms, and incarnations:

For anytime and every time anyone felt confusion and couldn’t see life lining up in any kind of reasonable way; things didn’t make sense the way they happened, no matter how hard we tried to do the right thing and still things went awry, crops failed, animals perished, we watched our friends and families sicken and die, and found ourselves powerless to help them; for times when endings came to an abrupt, startling, and devastating end and we had to begin again from scratch; for times people disappeared in natural disaster and we never got to say goodbye, nor did we know what happened to them, and for the longing we felt because of it – please help us all to forgive each other, for anything that happened, no matter what, and help us to forgive ourselves. Please and thank You.

For anytime and every time anyone shook their hands at You, Higher Power, and cried: “Why does this keep happening? How could You let this happen?” and for the times when we turned our backs on You because of what happened, and all the remorse and hopelessness we felt when we did so – please help us all to forgive each other, ourselves, and You for the part we thought You played in any of these events or events like them in the lineage. Please and thank You.

For the times we lost the heart to go on, felt our hope drain right out of us, experienced feeling completely vulnerable and powerless, and made it mean all was lost; for the times we or others became lost in the darkness never to return, literally or figuratively, and all that arose in the lineage as a result – please help us all to forgive each other and ourselves. Please and thank You.

Please help us to keep our hearts open, even in the face of uncertainty and our sense of not feeling safe. Please help us to love one another and ourselves as You love us, no matter what happened. Help us find peace with each other and ourselves. Now and forever. Please and thank You. Please and thank You. Please and thank You.


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