Sparkler for the Day

“Can you feel your heart? Is it opening? Can you allow it to crack open? Maybe even allow the secret chambers of your heart and all the secret places where you never allow anyone in to blossom? Your soul resides inside this heart. This heart is imprinted with memories of this lifetime, other lifetimes, and the lifetimes of your dear ancestors. What if your soul is doing the work for your entire lineage? Is that a responsibility that is too much?

Nothing is too much for God and every single time you chant you are connecting with God’s all encompassing Love.

God’s Love is permeating the walls of your heart. Is there anything else you need? Ask for it.

All the sorrow and hurt feelings… all the joy, celebration and inspiration… they live inside your heart.

Who can come in? Who can walk these chambers with you?

Can you break your heart open and say yes? Can you reclaim your power and say no? Can you trust that yes and no when spoken from the heart are both words of Love?

Let your heart open…. and allow it to heal. You are not alone, Dear one.

Every single time you love with sincerity, you are receiving love in return. That Love may come unexpectedly or from someone who you least expect it from. Perhaps the Love may come from the one you are Loving, perhaps it does not. But…. if you crack your heart open….

You may begin to Love in a different way… and you may see that you are Loving others who are worthy of your Love…

As you crack your heart open the divine Love begins to bathe every chamber. The nectar of the Guru is within you. The fruit is hanging low and ripe. You can reach up with Grace. You are So very Loved.

Touch it.

It is yours.

Share it.

It is yours.


What is love if it is not shared? Openly? Eternally? Infinitely?

Love is Love.

Thank you, God, for showing us how to LOVE. We are so grateful for you, Dear God and Guru. Forever Grateful for the way you show us to Love.

God Loves you…

I do too…”

~ Karena Virginia

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