Living Beyond Chronic Pain – Healing a Break | Day 16

I can now move one step beyond using the fingers on my left hand to help tie my shoes, an ability I regained four days ago, to now being able to grasp a spoon in my left thumb and forefinger and manipulate it somewhat. I must be careful how much strength I try to pull from this area as the bruising and swelling remain, though these are also getting incrementally better. I have been encouraged to move my fingers, but I am wary of pushing the envelope and inflicting yet more trauma into the area. This is a fine line, but I will listen to my inner knowing to tell me how best to navigate it.

My wonder at the power and the sheer miracle of the body’s ability to heal has reached another level of awe. I cannot rush this process, but I can sure appreciate its persevering inching towards rebuilding these broken bones and damaged joint tissue. This power, this miracle, is most obvious to me in those moments when I just get still, just be. It is here in this place of being that I feel the healing coursing through me the most. I witness how thorough its magic is, as I feel the healing throbbing move – whoosh – to the rhythm of my heartbeat. I notice some sensations bolt through me like lightning. No cell is left behind. Herein I discover once again the full measure of the body unleashing the healing power within. I have been through many times of healing in my life, but no matter how many times I return to this place of healing from an injury, I am humbled, struck to my core at the power in the pulse of life. The body wants, more than anything, to heal, to thrive, to express its potential. When we take care to feed, water, exercise, and rest the body, and then settle with reverence into the still quiet place within, we can discover and witness the magnificent living creation that we are. The body wants to heal.

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