How to be Effortlessly Happy

When we close our eyes and connect to breath and experience the stillness and silence within we foster a relationship with our core being, the true essence of our being which is happy and whole. Yes, all of us have within ourselves the ability to live a life of peace, fulfillment, and joy.

How do we tap into this wellspring? By creating an inner stillness practice such as meditation. Doing so free of self-judgment and filled with love, compassion, and fully present in the here and now.

By applying a few of the mindful principles listed above in our meditation practice, we begin to cultivate a way of living for ourselves. It is from this habit of living we can see what is and is not in alignment in the present moment with our core truths. It is from here that we can free ourselves from the ties to victimhood and begin writing our life story instead of life experience writing it for us.

Listen to the guided meditation below as I share with you how to accomplish this practice.

Choosing Happiness, Healthiness, and Wholeness in the Present moment,

Nancy Gentle Boudrie

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