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"Worlds Best Doctors"

The manners you learned as a kid could save your career as a physician. In World’s Best Doctors, she reveals how doctors can incorporate good behavioral patterns to build even more successful careers, a skill that is often overlooked in the medical profession. By making a point to be kind and respectful while caring for patients, Soto says it’s possible to avoid negative feelings that might lead to litigation.

“Victoria dissects out and brings to light the root of problems that can arise for physicians and advises how to recognize our flaws to prevent complaints and lawsuits. She offers advice from the perspective of a former prosecutor of physicians. If you have ever been accused of malpractice or subject to a board complaint or you want to be proactive and prevent one, then this book is for you. Victoria is faith based and exudes this in her writings, and her own words state it best: ‘Truth and humility will prevail.’ This book will help give you the same peace of mind she offers her clients.”


—John Ribeiro, MD, Texas


"World’s Best Doctors gives health-care providers a fresh way to look at applying a concept that is as old as the practice of medicine—having a good bedside manner. This book is enlightening, fun, and reflective at the same time. It shows the reader that having or cultivating a good bedside manner can go a long way in better patient care and satisfaction and can lead to a better relationship with fellow physicians and hospital staff, making for a more fulfilled and successful practice and career. It is a must-read for those wanting to work in medicine today."


—Vernon F. Williams, MD, author of Grow Younger Like Me



“The ‘coarsening of American society’ influences every sector of endeavor, including the medical profession. Victoria Soto has written a valuable tool to establish healthy physician and patient interactions—certainly a needed positive in today’s culture as well as a means to reduce the risk of unnecessary litigation. This book should be a must-read for students and practitioners in the medical profession and beyond.”


—Major General Bob Dees, US Army, Retired; author, The Resilience Trilogy



“Having reviewed Victoria's new book, as a physician in the last year of my fifty years as a doctor and having known Victoria Soto for the past ten years, I am so pleased that Victoria has written this book of advice for potential physicians, young doctors and seasoned ones. Her advice in these pages, if followed, can go a long way to better patient care and keeping doctors out of unpleasant situations, both on the litigation front and avoiding and/or surviving negative reviews with hospital, health agencies, and medical boards. You can be assured that my two children, who are doctors, and a grandchild, who is in premed, will be gifted copies of this book as soon as it is available for purchase. Thank you so much Victoria.”


—Paul A. Grant Sr., MD, FRCP(C)



“What a delightful and thought-provoking read. Victoria is a gifted genius, as is evidenced by her unique talent and ability for passionate engagement on behalf of her clients. As a friend, physician, and defense expert, who has worked with Victoria, I can personally attest to her charm, innate grasp of complex issues, and meticulous case preparation. As a result of her passionate engagement on behalf of her clients, she has an amazing and unmatched track record.”


—C. M. Schade, MD, PhD, PE


“World’s Best Doctors provides relevant advice for health professionals through relatable scenarios. This book is perfect for students, early career professionals, and seasoned professionals.”


—DeAnna Harris-McKoy, PhD



“I am so appreciative of Victoria Soto for this new work. We all often forget the power of courtesy and consideration and its profound impact on successful practices and business dealings. Thank you, Victoria, for reminding us of the basics. As a fellow attorney who works with clients to further their success from a legal perspective, it is noteworthy how many instances of legal trouble are rooted in a lack of consideration and inattentiveness to good manners. This book serves as a wonderful refresher on the importance of genuine courtesies and effective communication.”


—Lisa M. Tatum, LM Tatum, JD, PLLC



“I highly recommend reading World’s Best Doctors for practical advice in lowering your risk of a complaint as well as improving patient and staff satisfaction. Written by a gifted attorney with massive experience in health-care law, the author worked early in her career as a prosecutor for the Texas Medical Board as well as for the majority of her career defending doctors from legal complaints.


I especially liked her storytelling style and the many examples of how a provider’s communication and behavior with their patients and staff plays a massive role in their risk of being sued. Why do many complaints get filed? Why should you be concerned about how they are defined? How should they be handled? How can you avoid complaints? The surprising truth is that bad manners are often a common cause of complaint.


A must-read for anyone currently practicing medicine. Buy the book World’s Best Doctors, and become a better 


Tom Diaz, MD, Medical Director?


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