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    Please meet #WUWorldChanger ~@LinaLandess

    You might say I was a late bloomer, at least in the area of Energy Psychology. Now, after offering EFT (Tapping) for the past 15 years and seeing its power to transform people’s lives in a matter of sessions vs. years of therapy, I am simply grateful that it came to me when it did. My late-bloomer career started when I became a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. Divorced from my second husband, I was still living in the community where we had lived together and looking to do something that was more meaningful than the graphic design and organizing work I was doing. Because I had had to learn what it meant to provide mostly plant-based nourishment to my body when I started eating a vegetarian diet, (now over 40 years ago) I became aware of an increasing number of overweight and unhealthy looking people around town, in restaurants and most everywhere I went. Wondering how I might be able to help, I began exploring the field of nutrition and landed at IIN, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

    Thus, I began my work as a Holistic Health Coach, using EFT as a way to help people (mostly women) eliminate the pattern called ’emotional eating’ — when people choose food over feeling uncomfortable emotions. Today, most women (and many men) have an intimate knowledge of what I mean when I speak about emotional eating.

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