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You might say I was a late bloomer, at least in the area of Energy Psychology. Now, after offering EFT (Tapping) for the past 15 years and seeing its power to transform people's lives in a matter of sessions vs. years of therapy, I am simply grateful that it came to me when it did. My late-bloomer career started when I became a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. Divorced from my second husband, I was still living in the community where we had lived together and looking to do something that was more meaningful than the graphic design and organizing work I was doing. Because I had had to learn what it meant to provide mostly plant-based nourishment to my body when I started eating a vegetarian diet, (now over 40 years ago)  I became aware of an increasing number of overweight and unhealthy looking people around town, in restaurants and most everywhere I went. Wondering how I might be able to help, I began exploring the field of nutrition and landed at IIN, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Thus, I began my work as a Holistic Health Coach, using EFT as a way to help people (mostly women) eliminate the pattern called 'emotional eating' — when people choose food over feeling uncomfortable emotions. Today, most women (and many men) have intimate knowledge of what I mean when I speak about emotional eating.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling to overcome the frustrating and unhealthy habit of 'eating their feelings,' please have them contact me. EFT is all about getting to the root cause of this seemingly out of control behavior and ending it permanently . At the same time, EFT's promise goes way beyond emotional eating issues. I have worked with clients on a multitude of emotional issues, including grief, sexual trauma, emotional abuse, anger, fears, phobias, physical limitations and other conditions. This is the promise of EFT: Permanent relief from the ties that bind!

One of the things I am proudest of is the publication of my spiritual memoir, Heart Breaking Open. Although I had never thought of myself as a book author, I have always enjoyed reading and writing . . . so much so that when the three little words that became the title showed up, I knew that I was being asked to write a book! It took 17 years from start to finish with many still periods . . . times when life simply got too busy or I just had to put the writing away. Although I doubted at times that I would ever pick up the writing of it again, the book and the story wouldn't let me go. I knew, deep down, that this was something I had to do! There are currently 21 five-star reviews on Amazon, so if you happen to read it & get something valuable out of it, I hope you'll add your review.



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