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    Please meet #WUWorldChanger – @gerrystraatemeier

    Writer, mystic, happiness coach and open-hearted social activist.

    Know this: “Something Beautiful Wants to Express through YOU.”

    You and I and everyone else DESERVE to live, are born to live, happy and fulfilling lives – and the Universe will always support us in that. To fully experience the life we are meant for, I believe we must each reach deep within ourselves to find our Core Identity and reach beyond ourselves to make a difference on this planet, in any order or simultaneously. We each have a unique and beautiful purpose here on this planet and it’s our job to continue to ask what that is until we find an answer that deeply resonates with our soul.

    Can you complete this sentence? “I am here to……..”

    Your challenges and obstacles, the pain you have lived through, those are your teachers. I have had my share, with years of deep depression.

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