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HELLO and WELCOME to my world,  I am proud and honoured to be part of this supportive and caring community of WU world changers.

I am an international advocate for Mental Health, sharing practical insights from lived experience on the inside and outside perspectives of mental illness.  My aim is to bring better understanding to families, friends and the wider community, to help make a dent in STIGMA of mental illness.

As a MENTOR, I hold space and connection for FAMILIES and FRIENDS of people with mental illness. I am available for talks: Hospitals, Schools, Corporate and Commnity Organisations.

I live life in the ‘positive lane’ and view change as an opportunity for a new adventure.

I am no stranger to change, having made huge personal shifts on many levels and navigated several big geographical adjustments over the years.

I am the author of  the book/memoir:  Inside Looking Outmental health, spirituality & everything in between’.  In the process of writing and revisiting my journey, the twists and turns of life led me to step into advocacy for mental health.  In 2019, I completed studies for the Diploma of Mental Health.

I regard wellness of our entire being as a complete package with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness deserving equal respect, understanding and support.  Mindfulness meditation is an important aspect of my life and I encourage others in using a positive mindset for overall health and wellbeing.

I acknowledge the polarities in our world…can’t change the big stuff alone but I can help someone’s day feel better, with a smile or by stopping to listen and simply being there for a while.

With individual support and working together in unity,  we DO make a difference in creating positive change in the world.

Let’s TALK about The ELEPHANT in the ROOM – Our Mental Health.

WHY I Am A Passionate Mental Health Advocate, my aim is to educate and dispel mis-perceptions surrounding mental illness, by encouraging meaningful conversations about how we are really feeling.

WHO I AM today, is testament to neuroplasticity and our ability to transmute conditioned beliefs, destructive thoughts and habits.  My episodes of mental illness, were a significant catalyst for personal transformation and spiritual awakening, resulting in massive changes in myself and my life.  I have never looked back and continue to grow.

I share practical insights and strategies gained from my experiences, hospitalisation and recovery with mental illness, Brief Reactive Psychosis, anxiety and panic attacks. Coping skills and tools I used, still serve me well today, particularly at times of uncertainty and change.

I was born in England UK and my adopted home of over 39 years, is Western Australia. These days my family are spread across the globe and I spend a great deal of time visiting Canada, Britain and Finland.  2013 brought about sudden shifts, new beginnings and altered locations and I took the opportunity to start writing and focus on building my business HEART of LINDA – Enterprises.

My Dad was passionate about travel and my brother and I enjoyed many adventures to Europe. As a result, I became forever a gypsy and from my early twenties worked in various locations in Europe. In 1980, I packed up a few personal belongings and emigrated to Australia.  This was a 6 month overland trip, backpacking and travelling, living with locals wherever possible. The first few years in Oz were spent in small country towns of W.A. and I settled in Fremantle (Perth) in 1990.

I wear a variety of ‘hats’… which I don as appropriate to suit the occassion – a devoted mother and grandmother, Early Childhood Educator, Group Facilitator, International Children’s Entertainer, Mental Health Advocate and Mentor, Writer and Author.

MY GREATEST JOY ~ is seeing people of all ages and backgrounds, claim their authenticity and shine their true light.  IT WARMS MY HEART and I am humbled if my friendship, services or resources help you on your journey and wellbeing.

CHILDREN ~ I love their belly laughs, their wonder at the world, their innocence and honesty. Being with, and talking to children brings me incredible joy and inspiration and keeps me young at heart.

LIVING LIFE ~ experiencing the world in passing ignites my creativity.  Spending time in the stillness and beauty of nature, nurtures and heals my soul.

MUSIC & The ARTS ~ fill my heart and inspire my soul.  Mum always played music at home, all genres from Mantonvani, to Elvis to the Classics… Growing up I was lucky to experience and enjoy live ballet, opera performances and live music festivals.  We didn’t go to the cinema often, but I remember Dad taking me to see Mary Poppins and Fantasia…which I loved!  Listening to music and having a dance helps me acknowledge and release emotions, and it can help lift the mood.

WHAT THRILLS ME:  It touches my heart to watch someone bravely step out of their comfort zone and move towards healing, to see the light shine in their eyes, to live passionately and walk their talk.

Kids FUN in Learning about Australian Culture:  In 2003, I met Australian singer-songwriter/entertainer, Greg Hastings.  Greg had written interactive children’s songs while touring 38 Aboriginal community schools of Northern Western Australia. I saw the magic in Greg’s children’s show ‘The Wandering In The Bush Show’ and for 10 years we toured schools and festivals around Australia and overseas, sharing the joy with children of all ages and nationalities. Laughter IS indeed wonderful medicine.

I would like to see equal emphasis on Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Spiritual Awareness and Academic Education. Children learn by example and with healthy role models they develop strong self esteem, self respect and respect for others, which leads to healthy relationships and environmental awareness.

To me, WELLNESS is not necessarily the lack of dis-ease or illness, rather it is how we manage life’s challenges and function in our lives in true alignment of Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit.

MY MISSION is to inspire community minded interaction and to promote open and honest communication about mental health and the holistic nature of our entire being.

MY AIM is to open a 24/7  ‘MUD to STARS’ Support Centre for families and friends of people with mental illness.  ♥  Linda Gillan


‘BREAKING FREE – Believe in yourself, as much as I believe in you’ (2019)

‘THE WELLNESS UNIVERSE COMPLETE GUIDE to SELF CARE – Stress Relief’ (2020) (Anna Periera +25 co-authors) Chapter 6:  Mindful Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing – choosing foods to help lift your mood.  by Linda Gillan

*UPCOMING memoir
‘INSIDE, LOOKING OUT~ Mental health, Spirituality & Everything in between
I share my story to help not only people struggling with mental issues but also to bring better understanding to families, friends and the wider community.  My journey encompasses sensitive awakening and spiritual awareness, entwined with the roller-coaster of episodes of Brief Reactive Psychosis and the aftermath of PTSD and Anxiety.

Causes and Organizations

WAAMH (West Australian Association of Mental Health) Member & Speaker,Lived Experience

Founder, 'MUD to STARS' project for Mental Health.

FremantleMind Inc. Charity / My Local Mind inc.  Voluntary, support and group facilitation

MyPlace, Perth. WA.  Individualised disabilities support

I support 'Meeting For Minds' Charity, a global organisation…

Certifications and Credentials

Dip. Mental Health (2019)

Group Facilitation. Cert (1998)

USUI Re-iki Network / Advanced Practitioner.  Cert I & II (1998)

AFEA - Western Australian Bush Flower Essences - Australian Living Essences. Cert (1998)

Dip. Children's Services (1997)

TALS – Teaching and Learning Strategies (1995)


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