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    WU World-Changers are making the world a better place! Let’s introduce you to today’s featured #WUVIP & #WUWorldChanger

    ~ @lindagillan

    A little bit more about Linda….

    HELLO and WELCOME to my world, I am proud to have been one of the inaugural members of the Wellness Universe and feel both honoured and grateful to be part of this supportive community of world changers. I am an advocate for Mental Health and share my personal journey to help eradicate the deadly stigma surrounding mental illness.

    I regard wellness of our entire being as a complete package with our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness deserving equal respect, understanding and support.

    I acknowledge the polarities in our world…can’t change the big stuff alone but I can help someone’s day feel better, with a smile or by stopping to listen and simply being there for a while. With individual support and working together in unity, we DO make a difference in creating positive change in the world.

    To read more and connect with Linda, please visit: https://goo.gl/fNvFwn

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    WU World-Changers are making the world a better place! Let’s introduce you to today’s featur