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Suzy Crowdy

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I am a Mom who is blessed to be able to do ministry and work from home.

The Lord allowed my dream to come true a number of years ago for me when I became sick and could no longer work outside of our home. He used my chronic pain to give me the idea to create the ministry that is now called JOY BECAUSE OF JESUS.
I called it that because I DO have Joy because of Jesus even in all the storms in my life, which I have had a life time of.
God has given me many reasons to have JOY! I wanted to share and encourage others to also have JOY in their trials of life and never give up no matter what!
I work for H2M Marketing Solutions.  H2M

No company is the same, so we do not approach you with a one-size-fits-all approach. Our full-service digital marketing and advertising agency will take the time to learn about YOUR business, YOUR goals, YOUR budget and develop a campaign that is completely customized for you.

We will guide you through our unique process of creating a business marketing plan to determine the best goals for your business, the appropriate budget that you can afford, then the best strategies for reaching those goals. We use a combination of online and offline techniques such as: e-mail marketing, text/SMS marketing, referral programs, website design, blogging, and direct mail.

What sets us apart is our ability to innovate, change and recommend things that are trending at the time in order to capture more leads and increase your ROI (return on investment).

We specialize in the following:
Online Presence (SEO)
We don't want just your website to show up high in the search results - we want you to dominate the first page. We make sure you stand out from the crowd with improved listings.

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing boasts engagement of up to 8X higher than traditional marketing.
We can help you manage the different profiles and make sure the right message is projected.

Mobile App Marketing
Your customers want to connect with you on the go and are willing to spend more when you make it easy! We can make sure your business is ready for the mobile lifestyle of your customer.

Loyalty Programs
A current, buying customer is even better than a new one. So treat them right! We help you identify your most active customers and boost their loyalty through a systematized approach.

Feedback & Review System
Online reviews and feedback grab attention of potential customers. They also help you know how you can do what you do better. We develop a review system and give you a way to track them.

Consulting and more!
Joy and Blessings 🙂


Suzy Crowdy

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