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Sherrill Rees

Survivors Paying It Forward / Fundraising For Fire Victims

My name is Sherrill. I am from Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. My husband, Dave & I lost everything to fire in 2010, just one week before I gave birth to our son, Tyson. Our insurance company did not compensate us adequately to rebuild. We have been residing with family ever since & staying weekends on our property in the warmer months. I took to the internet to tell my story & learned many others have been left in the same situation as we. Bad Faith insurance is a very serious problem. I decided to fundraise, not only to rebuild my family home but also to create an organization to assist other victims of disaster suffering hardships due to similar tragedies. And so “Just Prevail” was born.

On Just Prevail's's facebook page l, I create positive quotes & posters hoping to inspire others to never give up. I guess to inspire & motivate myself also, lol. I feel as though I’ve found my calling in attempting to help others as well as myself & my family.  It has also helped me heal.

This has been a long journey. I have learned a lot about myself. I am a member of The Wellness Universe. This in turn has led me to many other lightworkers. I am ascending into a higher consciousness & I am looking to connect with genuine, like-minded people. I consider myself a starseed, although still exploring where from. I’m very open minded & a truth seeker. I have always had a very strong sense of intuition & leadership. I’d like to do my share to make the world a better place. My idea of a good time is sitting around the bonfire (our property is in the country) with family & friends.

I have created an entire apparel line with many inspiring images & symbols. And many more to come. Many of which I think will resonate with all of you. I will be offering these as “gifts” for contributions to our campaign. 

Tees: Enlightenment & WisdomChristianPositive QuotesHeroes

Tees can be viewed here: 

I have also created a line of…

Sherrill Rees

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