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Metaphysical Minister, Reverend Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
commonly known to most as Rev. Roni,

Founding Partner of Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary,
your Wisdom and Wellness Calmunity Home and Metaphysical Ministry,
and her multi blossoming Lotus’:
BEing LOVE T..V.
Fulfilled Destiny S3,
Soul's Talking Brain, &
ArtWave Design,

Roni courageously chose to,
“walk the path less traveled”.

As an Intuitive Mystic and Empathic Holistic Healer, Roni has consciously dedicated the last two decades of her life to imbuing all those so seeking with the gift of Love Consciousness. This dedication, a result of Roni welcoming the recognition of her "Personal Legend" {purpose in life}, by opening herself to, and accepting love from withIN self.
It was thus, she was blissed the awareness of her unique gifted tools, translated into the plethora of services she offers to and for the benefit of all.  Roni provides Whole-istic [Holistic] Enlightenment Guidance, Wisdom and Wellness Life Coaching, and Metaphysical Psychotherapy, as well as Physical Fitness and Nutritional Consultation, Transformational Calmunity [community] Playshops, Talking Circles, and Special Presentations.
She is the Founder of the Wisdom & Wellness Community Home, Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary, and BEing LOVE T.V. where she co-hosts the online show, “Soul's Talking Brain”, and hosts “Radiating Love with Roni Lipstein”.
In tandem support of her “Personal Legend”, Roni has taken the word of Love Consciousness to ‘paper and screen’.  An Ontological Literary Artist and Communications Specialist, Roni’s self directed literary artistry is expressed through two blogs;  Fulfilled Destiny S3 and Souls Talking Brain, in addition to two Self Discovery Activity Guidebooks, published and available internationally in e-book format, through the Kobo Bookstore, as well as the main book these two are based upon, “The Gardens of Life; a journey to Radiate Soul Light” to be published in print, e-book, and audio book formats this coming Fall 2015 by Motivational Press Publishing House.
Roni imbues her professional expertise with a degree in Psychology from McGill University, certification in Professional Personal Fitness Training and Nutritional Consultation, as well as, certification in Communications from McGill University.
Roni is committed to providing the utmost to her clients whom she…

Roni Lipstein

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