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  • AWEsome Multi-purpose CalmUnity ( #community ) & #Support #Circle, #Gathering, #Class, and #Transcending, #Enli­ghtening Series happening in #Montreal, Quebec, starting July 31, 2019.

    #MasterYourMind so You Can #ManifestYourBliss and #LoveYourLife with yours true-ly, Ordained High #Priestess, #Intuitive #Mystic, and Whole-istic #Healer, Rev.…[Read more]

  • So….one of the things that happens sometimes when someone does something that is hurtfull, triggering, enciting negative emotions to ‘one of my inner me’s’
    –>> -one of the neural networks within my brain that are ‘frozen in time’ when whatever is being triggered in the now, that is of similar vibration, to that which created the hard drive…[Read more]

  • #positive #affirmation to begin a most beayouty filled day:


    My experience of beingness is one of my fabyoubliss in all~ways through namaste love consciousness.

    I am a walking radiating light of love’s gratitude and bliss***

    I love my me, I love my life, and life loves, cares for, and provides for my me, my Self / Soul t…[Read more]

  • I am ‘ being asked ‘ to share a lil about ” Spiritual Snobbery ” …..

    Part One:

    The first time I encountered this in an ‘in your face’ way, was when I heard the derogatory term, “Normie” used to refer to individuals considered “normal”, “unawakened”, “unconscious”, kinda like in the Harry Potter movies when they refer to those that are not “of…[Read more]

  • Holocaust survivors have a saying ” never forget, never again ” …..and for them, remembering “where we came from” ensures that “never again” is.

    There are many who speak to ‘being in the now’, ‘living for today’, ‘forget about the past’, and …..with each new generation we lose bits of information and connection to our pasts.
    Of course, our…[Read more]

  • breathing…….


    letting go……


    revolutionary visions…….

    intuitive knowings……

    maintaining love’s bliss…….

    WITHIN the CHAOS …….
    ………..of Fear’s stifling, suffocating, tentacles…….


    ***OR…..if ya really wanna maintain LOVE’s Bliss—–
    “WithIN fear’s stifling,…[Read more]

  • Want to live a life of Your Bliss ?
    Try saying this to your self ( internally — your own personal and private ‘self talk’, Whenever you are thusly inspired to do )

    Manifesting Mantra for Your Bliss:

    I am turned on and tuned in to the creative, foundational fabric of existence it self.

    I am a conduit for existence to manifest My Personal…[Read more]

  • Check out this #AWEsome #Consciousness raising, #Happiness inducing Meetup Group in Montréal if you are wanting to #LoveYourLife: #Meetup #Montréal

  • One of the things I LOVE most about ‘being me’ — the me here to be a “Messenger of #Namaste #Love” ( a High Priestess, #Intuitive #Mystic, Whole-istic #Healer, Inspirational #Speaker, Author, Facilitator ….. ) is…….

    providing Blissings …… ( #blessings )
    all kindsa blissings, for birthdays, opening & closing ceremonies, in cleansing…[Read more]

    One of the things I LOVE most about ‘being me’ — the me here to be a “MessenOne of the things I LOVE most about ‘being me’ — the me here to be a “Messen
  • Consciously
    to focus on
    in Love Consciousness
    in that ‘branch of existence’ that says;
    “YES! I love you,
    and will do everything and anything to assist you
    to be the you, you love your self to be,
    so that you may gift everyone the blissing that is you,
    the divinity of your beingness,
    with the greatest of ease
    and thus, shall all…[Read more]

  • #BeingLove is loving your #Self enough to #know you do Not have to prove anything to anyone, defend your self, justify who you are, why you are the way you are, engage in disputes, disagreements, or for that matter communications of any nature that cause you discomfort.

    #BeingLove is real-eyes-ing that You Have #Conscious #Choice in Every Now,…[Read more]

  • So….in the field of frequency, vibration, energy —
    we are taught that we should “follow the path of least resistance”
    we are taught that we should “do what makes our hearts dance”
    We are taught that what we experience physically is a manifestation of the thoughts and feelings we listen to, and thus act upon……
    We are taught that if what we…[Read more]

  • Amazing !!!
    what this ‘age of technology’ has made possible!!

    So…having been ‘uprooted’ from my home, office, and city rather unexpectedly, I suddenly found my self providing the life guidance journeys I do to ALL my Earth Angel Partners ( Amazing Clients ) via internet, phone or email….. ( which in and of itself is such a blissed gift…[Read more]

  • Language is an amazing avenue by which we may learn of where our consciousness paradigm is aligned…..

    Becoming Conscious of one’s use of language, ( spoken, written, and internal / self talk ) can point out for example where one may aligning with the pervading negative habit ( of our entire human family ) to go through life via a consciousness…[Read more]

  • I am going to speak to something that may be ‘controversial’, perhaps even ‘difficult’ for some to hear, I would ask that you take a deep breath, relax any impulse to be defensive, and simply be open to ponder the possibility that is asking to ‘come through’ for us to consider as a human family.

    On “giving and receiving” :

    This week in the news…[Read more]

  • For those ready and open to welcome their #romantic #partner into their lives, this #sigil is a #gift for you….

    Having said that…..
    in addition to use of the sigil, is use of your own #energetic beingness…..
    #Align your Self within a #harmonic #resonance that says ” Yes! I am ready, open, and welcoming, and I #trust that the most beneficial…[Read more]

    For those ready and open to welcome their #romantic #partner into their lives, this #sigil is a #gif
  • Sometimes, in order for us to focus on the joy, the blissings, the gifts, we need to focus on what is not first…..

    We need to honour the pain, the hurt, the suffering, so we may transcend through these, and ascend into the embrace of love’s grace.
    ~Rev. @ronilipstein #WU…[Read more]

    Sometimes, in order for us to focus on the joy, the blissings, the gifts, we need to focus on what i
  • With Love from 2014:

    ” We are by virtue of our ‘operational, inherent, ‘built-in’ beingness, Creatures of Habit
    —->>> from our daily routine to the very manner by which we THINK….. (that’s pretty much the biggest one— to me — for our collective reality — which requires some ‘fine tuning’ shall we say 😉 )…[Read more]

  • With Love, from 2014:

    ” How’s this for “Simple”
    ( as most of the ‘deepest’ truths are 😉 )

    In the same way that “being healthy” is a Lifestyle Choice….
    being a “Professional”, “Active”, etc… are all LIfestyle Choices….
    Choices we educate, train, and practice becoming better and better and better, until these ‘lifestyle’ choices are…[Read more]

  • As I am just my self coming out of the fog of living through a “prolonged traumatic shock” to my whole-istic system, I come across this posting from 2014 and I must tell you, I still BElieve this to be true…..indeed, I would say that my sojourn through the “Valley of Fear” as I have called it, one that was heightened in love’s embracing grace…[Read more]

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