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    Robert Alexander posted an update
    I wrote a story called "The Pause Button to Negative Thinking". It is going to be published in two exclusive Colorado magazines in April! I was able to publish the story on Medium and wanted to share it with WU. Take a peek and hope all is well! - max-andrey-716124-unsplash
    Robert Alexander posted an update in the group Business Buzz
    Hi Everyone! If you are ever seeking some visibility for your message and business, LifeRhythms Radio a great place to have more of it! I host a weekly 15-minute radio show on Mercury Broadcasting and on tomorrows episode, you will be taken on a Sonic Journey with music that is featured from my audio project. I have a sense that you will love the show! You can listen to the show by clicking on - @thewellnessuniverse (Shari and Anna) were also featured on a previous episode and so were @catherinegruener, @timothygay and @doloresfazzino - I'm always seeking quality guests and hope you enjoy this most recent episode! It will be live AM PST tomorrow! Hope you are having an amazing day! sonic-journey-3-artwork1

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