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Hi There! My name is Robert Alexander and I am an Audio Alchemist, Graphic Designer, Producer / Radio Show Host and the founder of LifeRhythms. I create audio and graphic design content for mindfulness and wellness business.

I also offer Resonance Sessions (private self-discovery) sessions for clients all over the world, using personally created music, relational / informal dialoguing and other modalities to provide mental, emotional and spiritual support. I also create personalized pieces of music for each of my clients so they can anchor, calm, ground and experience personal transformation. My approach is inspired by NLP, talk-therapy, life coaching, hypnotherapy, sound healing and informal dialoguing. My intention is to provide an environment that is workable around each person and to offer the flexibility, space, wellbeing, self-discovery and modalities that you are desiring on this current page and chapter in your life.

I produce and host LifeRhyhtms Radio, a weekly 15-mnute radio show on Mercury Broadcasting and I have a domestic and internationally label signed music project called Evlov, which has music featured on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes and more!

I have partnered with The Wellness Universe on many projects and my music and graphic design work has been used in their meditations and other occasions. Many Wellness Universe members have taken on my services as clients and I have also partnered and collaborated with them as well. I am open to various collaborations, partnerships, referrals and much more. I am definitely excited to connect with you and see how I can authentically (and transparently) be of service. After all, we are all part of the WU family, right?

Hope you are having an amazing day and look forward to being in touch! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through here or visit my website at

Awards and Affiliations

I have worked with many non-profits, for-profits and individuals who have needed guidance and assistance with my skill-set and wisdom. And I have also been affiliated with the Recording Academy!

Causes and Organizations

ListenGive, Learn Help Teach, Holistic Wellness Center, The Wellness Universe and many others!

Robert Alexander

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