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Pamela Chapman

Holistic Healing - Helping You to Cross Over Easily and Painlessly

With roots stemming from African and Indian tribes, at an early age, Chapman was quite different than most children in her circle. She could see and would know things they could not. She had the ability to touch and change lives—even the lives of adults. Not fully understanding, she lived in shame and fear believing something was drastically wrong.

As she grew older, her abilities increased. Self-medicating to ease the sensations became the way out. Running most of her life from what she has labeled “her calling” she relented in 1990 turning to the traditional church for answers.

In 2005, after a major-life change, Chapman was left even more confused seeking the deeper hidden answers that religion, somehow, had failed to answer. She stumbled upon a life-shaking ministry and studied under Dr. William Hinn for approximately three years who assisted in bringing answers to what seemed, at times, to be “blasphemous and unconscionable” spiritual questioning. The answers came.

Her journey in life has been tumultuous allowing her to be an expert in persistence, tenacity, and true grit. A divorcee, widower, and mother living in Orange County, CA in the 80’s and 90’s has allowed her to be challenged by systems she had never imagined. She stood and won!

Why Hire Chapman?

Today, these daunting experiences allow her to teach, encourage, and inspire others to do the same. Her favorite quote is by Henry Ford is, “If you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

Chapman’s clients, affected by major life-change and transition, left reeling and grasping for answers, seek her services so they might be guided through their major transition easily and painlessly while finding wellness and the spiritual answers to their somewhat confusing life questions. She is what is called a Master Manifestor. When introduced to her clients, she humbly shares, “When you meet me, your dreams and desires will manifest.”

Chapman uses her sarcastic humor to help others find their passion, life purpose and calling. She says, “If you can’t laugh at your life, it isn’t worth complaining about.”

Now for the boring stuff – The credentials

Awards and Affiliations

A member of the Int'l Assoc of Coaching, the National Association of Distinguished Professionals, and the Health and Wellness Association. She has won numerous service awards including the  NADP Excellence Award, 2015, being announced as a distinguished professional in her field. She received the ABWA's Woman of the Year award,…

Causes and Organizations

Pamela is a strong advocate for Complementary and Alternative Medicine/Solutions (CAM). While a Certified Wellness Specialist, she believes all things can be healed naturally and all people have the right to choose their personal health and medical paths.  Anti big-pharma.

Pamela Chapman

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