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    Nathalie Hotte posted an update
    Happy Mindset Monday! Your mindset is one of the most powerful tools you have. It's going to either allow you to do stuff or stop you depending on how you look at the situation. Last summer we went for a hike, had all our stuff ready and had the trail guide with us ready to go (we got this awesome book) and off we went. First night go to where we wanted to camp, spent the night, woke up all ready for the hike to the lake the second day. Well we weren't ready for the rock wash of a trail hammering on our legs the whole way up the mountain, for the coldness of the water we had to cross, and for NOT finding the lake within the time that we should have. I was in so much pain that I was crying on the trail. We turned around before finding the lake. Now this sounds like a pretty negative mindset but in reality it could have been way worse: ~ refusing to go further due to pain ~ knowing it was going to be tough and deciding to not go ~ making us stop and stay an extra night Instead on our way there and back I kept on wanting to go on, wanting to see the other side of the turn and mostly coming back: WANTING OFF THE DAMN MOUNTAIN!!! We started talking about our grandpas as we were both close to our grandpas and learned lot's from them, talking about family, dreams, previous jobs and having a great time after 3 years together still getting to discover stuff about each other. And I wouldn't trade that for anything else. And if I was asked to go again (which we are planning some hikes again this year) I'd go anytime, being in the mountains is still my escape from the world. Goes to show that if you decide to still have a good time, you can still have a good time. What are you doing on this day to work on your Mindset? 22687803_10155216452727987_8697615184060450486_n
    Nathalie Hotte posted an update
    Meditative power!!! Speaking of the power of the mind, meditation is a great way to activate that. Ever have days that you're feeling blah? That your energy isn't where you'd want it to be? That you feel just out of it? Fog days included. If you're like me you get those days, personally I get them semi regularly. Really there are few things that I've found to truly help energize, motivate, lift me up like meditation. Meditation can be done a few ways: ~Guided ~Quiet ~Through grounding activity Personally I love guided meditation (shhhh in the process of recording some) right now I tend to follow Micheal Sealey and Jason Stephenson on Youtube. Or taking the pups for a walk in our river valley system where I let them run around and I clear my mind. Those walks have given me lot's of insight, they energize me, they help put things in perspective. I'm Nathalie Hotte, your Chronic Pain Coach. Why me, what gives me the ok to talk to you about this? Through my time with my clients I take them through some personalized guided meditations and WOW those sessions create the biggest impact. The visualization, and relaxation, and clarity gained during those sessions truly help energize and get my clients ready to take greater action, seeing the life themselves in the life they want. Message me and let's book a time to chat 🙂 2635272D-B3CD-4818-B3BC-C1F7BCC8E841

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