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Why You Must Stop Searching for a Soulmate

September 5, 2018

Are you unhappy in love because you’re trying to find your soulmate? There’s a better way!! You don’t have to spend your entire life looking for love. In fact, true love may be right in front of you, but you’ve been blind to it. Open yourself to love and you might just find the soulmate…

Set the Stage for Your Big Dreams

August 28, 2018

When your life is a mess, it might not be the best time to launch your business that directly competes with Facebook or to plan to climb to the summit of Everest. When your life is in chaos, your time is best spent getting that chaos under control before taking on those really big goals.…

Do You Have the Courage to be Vulnerable?

August 9, 2018

Many of us were taught to be strong and to keep our problems to ourselves. We were taught that the world is a hostile place and we should practice “survival of the fittest.” It’s not easy to allow the world to know your flaws, weaknesses, and failures. We’re ashamed that we’re not perfect, but make…

Personal Growth Strategies to Empower You

July 24, 2018

Life is marching on, but there is still time to create a meaningful and impressive life. Your personal growth is your responsibility. No one else has the time nor the interest! It’s not easy to make positive changes to your life, but it can be done. There are plenty of people that serve as inspirational…

Top 10 Profound Rules for Living

July 17, 2018

Life is challenging, because we have to discover the rules as we go. Some have even stated that is the goal of life: to figure out the rules. Fortunately, billions of people have lived over the years, and at least a few of them have figured out a few things and passed them on. Having…

The Secret to Cultivating Gratitude

July 11, 2018

If you like how gratitude makes you feel, you might want to bring those effects with you to your work. Some big companies are experimenting with the idea. Recent studies show that employee appreciation programs can increase team spirit, morale, and productivity. On the other hand, the workplace can be a difficult environment for cultivating…

Formula for Boosting Your Confidence

July 4, 2018

Radiating confidence makes it easier to move ahead with your goals and intentions, and each success helps to build your self-esteem. If you doubt your abilities or feel insecure speaking up in certain situations, you can still turn things around by training yourself to become more self-assured. Start strengthening your faith in yourself and your…

9 Signs That Your Life is on Track

June 26, 2018

How do you know if you’re doing well? It’s not fair to yourself to compare your situation to that of your friends, family, or peers. There’s no set path for life, but there are clues that can let you know if you’re doing well. It’s worth the time to assess your life periodically to ensure…

30 Days to Break Any Habit

June 19, 2018

Unhealthy habits can be hard to break. Regardless of the habit, destructive behaviors keep you away from the life you desire. Unhealthy habits can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health and leave you feeling as if you don’t have enough control over your impulses. While change is frequently challenging, having a…

Deep Breathing Exercises and Why They Work

June 12, 2018

Deep breathing techniques are often referred to as an important tool that can help you to immediately alleviate stress, anxiety, frustration, and anger. Yet, many people have difficulty practicing deep breathing exercises because they either don’t believe that it will help or they try once and then don’t try again. The same is true for…

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