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    Misty Totzke posted an update
    What are your plans for the big arctic blast?? I have an invitation.... since you're going to be snuggled indoors regardless, I'm leading an online vision board workshop today (1/30) at 3pm CST - and it'll be recorded if you can't make that time. One thing I keep hearing over and over is that my workshops aren't like anyone else's. I massively take that to heart considering these are people I didn't know prior to them coming to my workshop. The reason mine are so different is that my workshop is 3 hours long, and it's that long for a really important purpose. You don't even dive into a magazine until halfway through because we spend the first half doing a deep dive into YOU. You and your journal. That's it. My normal per person workshop price is $75, I bring all the materials - you bring yourself and a notebook. Since this is all online, I can't bring materials and because of that $75 is a pretty steep price so I'm knocking it down to $30 per HOUSEHOLD. That means if you have friends and neighbors close by and you want to get together to flow through this workshop together while it's sub-zero temperatures outside, purchase one and do it! Email me or message me here to register and pay! Online-Vision-Board-Workshop-1_30_19-at-3pm-CST

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