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Lynanne Cottle

Fall in Love with YOU; Divine RESET, a 360º shift to Awaken Your Divine

Aloha! Hawaii is my birthplace and tropical beaches are my favorite places. Up until five years ago, I was able to enjoy the sun whenever I wanted. Then, something happened. My body finally gave the outward sign that something was not right with my emotional state. I developed an incurable (so far) auto immune disease which completely knocked me down. --Not in the sense of being sick in bed, but emotionally I was in a very bad place. For this reason, Authenticity of self, is very dear to my heart.
Let me tell you a quick story about the time when my happiness was centered around the success of my family--how they looked, how smart they appeared, their personal choices were a reflection on me--not them. As a devoted Christian wife and mother of four, I not surprisingly put unnecessary pressures upon myself. At the time I was trying to put on a happy face and hold it all together.I was struggling with my weight and my health was in the toilet .And I was getting more and more unpredictable emotions and physically sick. Which meant I couldn't give my family the wife and mom they deserved.As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of finding a way to be truly happy. Then I was introduced to a secret method for digging deep inside buried emotions.At that point, EVERYTHING CHANGED!I finally figured out how to handle tough life-moments without losing it. Because of this secret method for digging deep inside buried emotions, I was able to:

- Feel deep, inner peace even when life is chaotic and difficult
- Create happier relationships
- Influence other women by helping them discover how to RESET their divine self

Now I'm living my dream of finding a way to be truly happy and I never have to worry about relying on other people for my divine peace and happiness ever again.And that's why I'm so passionate about Divine RESET so you can experience finding a way to be truly happy…

Causes and Organizations

Founder: Divine RESET, International Retreats for Women (Upcoming Oct. 7-16, 2019, Lisbon Portugal)

Founder: Divine RESET, Women's Empowerment

Founder: BE YOUth, Inc. (Non-Profit) to battle depression, anxiety, and suicide by teaching mental stamina and tools for self-love and awareness

Lynanne Cottle

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