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Aloha! Hawaii is my birthplace and tropical beaches are my favorite places. This land of Paradise is also where I experienced three different sexual assaults before the age of 9.

My body, mind, and spirit were not prepared for the effects of those deep traumas. Relationships suffered, I didn't know who I was nor my purpose, and my body finally gave the outward sign that something was not right. I developed an incurable (so far) auto immune disease which completely knocked me down. --Not in the sense of being sick in bed, but emotionally I was in a very bad place.  I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up.

At my most desperate period, I was introduced to a secret method for digging deep inside buried emotions. At that point, EVERYTHING CHANGED!  I finally figured out how to handle tough life-moments without losing it. Because of this secret method for digging deep inside buried emotions, I was able to:

- Finally grasp how much my childhood sexual trauma had drastically affected me                                                   - Feel deep, inner peace even when life is chaotic and difficult
- Create happier relationships
- Influence other women by helping them discover how to RESET their divine self

Now I'm living my dream of being truly happy and I never have to worry about relying on other people for my divine peace and happiness ever again. That is why I'm so passionate about  "The Sexy Mama: Triumph After Trauma" to help women around the world finally obtain forever happiness too!

Awards and Affiliations

"Triumph After Trauma" Podcast Host  Listen on iTunes

Causes and Organizations

Founder: The Sexy Mama: Triumph After Trauma

Founder: BE YOUth, Inc. (Non-Profit) to battle depression, anxiety, and suicide by teaching mental stamina and tools for self-love and awareness

Lynanne Cottle

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