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Lucas J. Robak - Author | Speaker | Consultant | Wellness Leader

Did you know I tried killing myself when I was a teenager?

Thankfully I did because that put me on the path of personal development!

Why is this important?

15-years later I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

With the mentality I developed over the years, "naturally," I became a leader of a community within a year and grew it into The Wellness Fair.

My purpose in life is to help people become aware of their bodies natural ability to heal itself!

I do this by helping wellpreneurs become more credible and visible in the marketplace.

Adding all this up, a fun idea popped in my head in the middle of a conversation and WellWaukee was created!

As a multi #1 International Bestselling Author, I train others to become their own publishers while leveraging the book as a marketing tool. Anyone can easily reach more people by being an authorpreneur!

The funniest experiment I ever thought of was to write a terrible book to prove what a book can do to build a business. Great results ... but ... DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!

Talk to anyone who knows me; my knowledge, experience, and out of this world thinking benefits wellpreneurs and corporations through my various service offerings!

Healing takes a team. Let's do this together!

Awards and Affiliations

After having a great conversation, Tom Ginn asked me for my business card. So I gave him my business card, I AM: Children's Book for Positive Thinkers. Two weeks later I opened my email and saw this video. Have you seen The Secret? Bob Proctor changed my life 15 years before he took the initiative and recorded this.

Next, I was invited to an event in Florida because I leveraged a book I didn't even publish. After a brief conversation with the Keynote Speaker, Adam Markel took the initiative and pulled out his phone to record this conversation!

Are these awards? Nope! But to me, they're better than any trophy I received as an athlete or student.

Anything I can do, you can do better!

Causes and Organizations

The Wellness Fair

Uniting accredited wellness professionals with those who desire complete well-being. Join the Community


105 practitioners bringing well-being to Southeast Wisconsin through 2-summits and a 5-book series. Learn more!

Authorpreneur Academy

Helping more people becomes easier by strategically publishing your bestselling book. Immediately open doors of opportunity to reach more clients by applying today!

Be Different! Be You!

Talk soon,

Lucas J. Robak

Lucas Robak

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