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Alex Bowden

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CEO and Founder of PEOPLEfirst
I enjoy my work as: Coach - Individuals, Coach - Groups, Coach - Organizations, Book Author, Podcast Guest, Public Speaker, Panel Participant, Panel Moderator, Workshop Facilitator, Online Course Provider, Online Services Provider, In Person Services Provider, Virtual Events Presenter, In Person Events Participant, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Participant in Collaborative Projects, Teacher, Mentor, Volunteer
My Specialties: Life-work Balance, Life & Career Transistions, Creating Positive Change, Equity Diversity Inclusion Belonging, Other

Speaker. Consultant. Partner. Educator. Advocate. I have a vision to put customer service and creativity back into the Talent equation. After a dramatic career pivot of my own, and realizing that talent can come from a multitude of places which we aren’t tapping into, I founded PEOPLEfirst.

✨ Our mission is to help businesses and talent simultaneously by changing the way people are hired, developed, and retained.

Going from professional dancer to not knowing what to do next, I had to learn how to communicate skills that seemed irrelevant on paper in a way that compelled a company to take a chance on me. In doing so, that company acquired someone who was grateful, loyal, and excited to make in impact. Through my own transformation into an HR professional, I realized that our top talent in the organization also came from unlikely places. Yet, we were still using antiquated criteria (like experience) to lead our selection process. When we began overhauling our strategic hiring practices and finding creative ways to find talent who possessed the right strengths and characteristics to suit the role, we began excelling.

This pivotal experience led to the creation of PEOPLEfirst and ignited a passion for helping businesses find talent in unlikely places, while creating a candidate experience that makes top talent excited to choose you. We treat job seekers like customers, and are more strategic and data-driven in the way we find, evaluate, and develop your people. Why?

✨ Because your people, just as your customers, are your strongest asset, they’re the ones that take you from good… to great!

We develop simple, but highly effective strategies and partner with organizations as if we are totally integrated. We don’t replace your HR department…we enhance them! Don’t have one? That’s okay too! We coach you through getting the necessary processes in place no matter where you are in your talent journey. We also provide ongoing support to enable your organization while you scale.

✨ Besides OUR exceptional customer service…what sets us apart? We treat every business as if it’s our own.

If you are daunted or exasperated by your Talent Challenges – we are here to make it an easier and more enjoyable process… I guarantee it. No job is too small and no challenge too great. Check out what our clients are saying about us:

Not sure if it’s a fit? No problem! Message me or go to our website to book a pressure-free 10-15min discovery call to learn how PEOPLEfirst operates and if it’s the right fit to help you achieve your goals!

Alex Bowden

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