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Lisa Rufsholm

FEEL healthy from the cell out™!

I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful daughters but it took a toll on my body.  I didn't realize just how much until I was unable to stay awake for more than 6 hours a day while caring for them.  I would fall asleep sitting straight up in a kitchen chair.  Sugar and caffeine pushed me through the days doing even more damage to my already depleted adrenals and empty electrolytes.  After countless medical appointments with multiple types of doctors and extensive testing they were unable to give me answers and simply dismissed me.  I was still exhausted and could literally feel myself dying.  I had no where else to turn.     Thankfully I found Hair Analysis through Marcia Gutkowski, Ph.D!! She literally saved my life.  Two weeks after starting my program my husband called her to thank her for giving him his wife back!!  Since 2011 I've been blessed and privileged to work with Dr. Larry Wilson ( ).  Due to his knowledge and guidance I've been able to help so many on their journey to better health.  This is a process toward balancing and correcting our imbalances while ridding ourselves of toxins that our body has stuffed as a protective defense mechanism.   We don't force correction, we supply to the necessary tools to help the body purge and rebuild at it's own pace.  We can see the improvements mentally, emotionally, physically, symptomatically and scientifically through our tests.  It is not a quick fix bandage.  We are working with you to work on the possible cause, not the symptoms alone.
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Lisa Rufsholm

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