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Kim Shafer

"Take what you make". We develop, research and use our products before we offer them to you.

Many factors impact your health. Genetics, stress, lifestyle choices, the foods that you eat, age and so forth. 

DBR's team of experts are available to help you maximize your benefits with our products. Our clinical studies are specific to our formulations. To learn more about our exciting results please contact us. 

As CEO and the developer of our formulations, I personally use our probiotic every day. DBR has definitely changed my life for the better. 

Daily Body Restore Probiotics are available through distributors such as Cardinal Health, Kinray, H&H and select retail stores, pharmacies and independent health care practitioners. You can also purchase DBR online. 

Peer review medical journal published study finds Daily Body Restore® may lower elevated Cholesterol up to 78 percent* Study published in "Journal of Translational Medicine".

Kim Shafer

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