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Kelly Goodwin

Empowering stronger teams and creating positive and healthy workplaces

Hello!  My name is Kelly Goodwin and I am a Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador. I currently work as an Office Manager/Wellness Leader for Number Ten Architectural Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I have a special interest in wellness, specifically: active living, healthy eating, corporate social responsibility, safety and psychological health.

Workplaces today face much more stress as we never seem to be “switched off”. Communication is constant with smart phones, computers/tablets/iPads, social media, etc. All the technological tools can create tighter deadlines, which then can create more time at work and less time at home.

My goal is to empower workplace teams, create healthy and happy work environments and assist employees in achieving balance with their work and home life.

I am very happy to become a member of the Wellness Universe!

Awards and Affiliations

KWC Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador

Causes and Organizations

United Way of Winnipeg, Employee Campaign Chair

Heart & Stroke Foundation, Team Captain, Big Bike

Kelly Goodwin

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