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Joy Gabriella

Psychic Angel Messenger: bringing love, comfort, hope and guidance.

Joy Gabriella is an Angel Messenger and Energy Healer who has received direct Angelic Messages since childhood. For the past ten years she has brought guidance, hope and love to people in all walks of life, relayed in one-on-one Readings, in groups, workshops, as a public speaker and writer. Her mission is to bring to you the Peace of the Angels, empowering you to live in the Divine Spirit, knowing you are safe and protected. When living with Spirit, pains, limiting core beliefs, worries, grief and confusion can all be released by following the Divine guidance so that life flows with the grace and ease we all desire. In harmony with Spirit, through the Angels you will begin to trust your own intuition and personal strength, living the life you deserve!
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A lifetime of healing began when she  heard the Angels as a young child and could also feel the energy and light in the people around me.  The Angels often had advice, at first for her and very quickly for those in her world.  As a young teen she began sharing these messages as she felt the pains, worries and loss of hope and  wanted to help.  She also began investigating the world of Energy Healing.

As she worked with folks, she was called by the Angels to focus on sharing her gift of being able to hear their words and see their images clearly, called to devote herself to sharing their messages, spreading their love and relieving the pains and difficulties we all experience in our lives.

Previously, she was very happy with her healing practice.  Her educational experiences, certifications and licenses, including graduate degrees, ordination with specialties in Pastoral Care and Counseling, and certifications in, NLP, Reiki (Master level), Shamanism (contemporary and traditional with over 20 years of study and work), and many body-dance methodologies/techniques including work as a leader in the Sacred Dance movement and Sacred Dance Guild, body-image work, and others were a big part of the complex approach she had developed to healing.  But even so, the spiritual call…

Joy Gabriella

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