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Jenny Mannion

You deserve a Life of Bliss!

Jenny healed herself in three weeks of seven years of chronic disease. This ignited her passion to help others. She now is an intuitive healer and mind/body mentor, who inspires people to create the life they desire. Jenny has seen clients heal from depression, cancer, MS and various other challenges.  Jenny has been on PBS's "The Whitney Reynolds Show” as well as many radio shows. Jenny has released her signature course and online community Embracing Bliss which helps people truly step into their power and create the life they desire within a supportive environment. Jenny knows life is meant to be easy and lived in health on all levels and loves to share tools on how to make this a reality in your own life. 

Awards and Affiliations

Creator of the Online Course and Interactive Community Embracing Bliss

Author of "A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life" Published by Llewellyn Publishing

Contributing Blogger to The Huffington Post

Reconnective Healing Practitioner Levels I, II & III

Soul ReAlignment Practitioner (Akashic Record Reading/Clearing) Levels I &…

Jenny Mannion

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