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Jennifer Radke

Love yourself first and always

Well it all started when I was about 8.  That is when I started sneaking food from the basement freezer when I was feeling lonely.  From there I began a 30+ year career with hating my body.  I tried numerous diets.  I did two bodybuilding shows.  I was diagnosed with an eating disorder.  And then I had an defining moment that changed how I thought about health and wellness completely.  This moment changed my life.

My name is Jennifer Radke.  Hi!  I am a certified life coach with a specialty in body image coaching.  I believe that the starting point to health is defining the term for ourselves and part of that is having a loving and compassionate relationship with our bodies.  You can find me at my website which is an online space to help busy women to love their bodies.

Awards and Affiliations

Certified Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation


Jennifer Radke

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