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    Hilde Larsen posted an update
    Hello all friends and colleagues. Allow me to RE-Introduce myself: My name is Hilde Larsen, and I am a Life-Enthusiast. I have gone through some serious pain to get here, a period of my life which I call Hell. I lived through it. I wrote three books as a result of it. I educated myself as a result of my Hell. I tried every protocol out there. Believe me; If it`s out there, I tried it. Yes, I am a certified Health and Success Coach. I went to class, did my exams. Yes, I am a Detox Specialist and a Keynote Speaker. I studied health and why we are sick for more than 10 years. Day and night. It became my passion. It became a lifestyle, and my life has flipped from Hell to Inspired because of it. I learned the most valuable lesson anyone can learn as I see it: How to take back their own power. How to step up and allow HEALTH and SUCCESS in every area of life. I learned to let go of all the SHIT that was holding me back. The patterns, the food, the people, the memories, the traumas and the programming. OMG. So much CRAP! My third book "No More Bullshit" had to be written as a reflection of my experiences. That, and as a channeling of my intuitive clarity of WHY we are living the way that we are. The WHY we are sick, beyond the obvious: Eating crap, living in stress and fear, and not allowing ourselves to be FREE. The truth behind why some are able to follow through and heal, and some struggle. The diets are out there. I mean, we are primates, we know this. We have a species-specific diet, we know this. So why the heck are we not all healthy? Well, from my own experience, AND from working with clients, the GOLD is in the MINDSET. The GOLD is in the SUPPORT, not the information. I never met anyone who didn`t WANT to be healthy and happy. They were just not that ENTHUSIASTIC about it. And THIS is my reason for this whole post, right there. It`s the reason I call myself a LIFE-ENTHUSIAST. The core of our being. The natural state of all humans: Being ENTHUSIASTIC about life. THAT is my mission. Not to flash any degree or paper at anyone. But to show you, that being alive is supposed to be a passionate experience. To be authentic. To walk my talk. From the core of your heart. In sync with nature. Carefree. Happy and thriving. Healthy. THAT I know something about, and I am sharing from MY soul to YOURS. I am Hilde Larsen, the LIFE-ENTHUSIAST. Let me show you how to THRIVE! HEALTH is WEALT! Hilde-ritz-nov-2017

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