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Emily McBrayer

Biz Building Strategist for Beauty & Massage Professionals

My Mission: To support Beauty Experts & Massage Artists in growing their businesses so they are able to reach more people with the healing power of touch and the life changing magic of looking & feeling beautiful.

My WHY: I believe we are all in a touch deficit. I believe safe, loving human touch has the ability to heal both emotional and physical wounds, allow the giver and receiver to relax in ways simply not possible in ordinary life, spark ideas and short, change lives. I believe when we touch each other it reminds us of our humanity, our sameness, our oneness. I believe when someone feels beautiful, they look beautiful AND when they look beautiful, they feel beautiful.

I believe there is magic in your hands. And I believe you need to reach as many other humans as possible to help relieve the touch deficit. Which is WHY I'm here. I figured out I could only literally touch so many people in my lifetime. But I could have a much farther reach by helping others "grow their businesses" ...AKA touch more lives.

So my deep, soul reason for my work is to help relieve the touch deficit we find ourselves in because the magic in our hands changes lives.


Emily McBrayer

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