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I am a healer and life-coach from Scotland, UK. I am also a pharmacist with 22 years experience.
I guess I began my healing path whilst living in London. It was 1998 and I being suffocated by the intense energy of London. Being a sensitive, a huge city like London really wasn't the best place to be.
In 2001, I gravitated towards a wonderful Spiritual teacher called Aiping Wang. I studied with her for four years, and two years into my adventure with her, I got sick. The next two years were horrendous to say the least, which is why I moved back home to Scotland.
For the next five years I visited John of God in Brazil eight times, and studied life coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing, Quantum Entrainment, and Light Grids. It's clear to see that I was a seeker, searching for some kind of salvation. Ill-health was the primary catalyst that helped me forge my way forward.
Over the past 15 years or so, I have worked with many wonderful and powerful teachers, though I would say that my most powerful and life-changing experience occurred one sunday morning in 2013. I was ready to work on my website, and I heard clear instruction from God knows where to STOP, and DO NOTHING. As I was in a procastinating mood, I thought, "why not!" .I lay down on my bed, and decided to just meditate, and so I switched on my Macbook and started listening to my favourite meditation on Youtube. It wasn't doing anything for me, then I saw videos of Gangaji on the right side of the screen. So, I thought, let's try this. So, I did, and I listened to her for about 5 hours. After those few hours, something joyful, peaceful and still began to appear within me, out of nowhere. I had done nothing to achieve this, and it was blissful. That day was a turning point in my life. For a full week afterwards, I was floating on air. Of course, I thought, "that's it. I'm free. I'm enlightened". And with those thoughts,…

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