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Darity Wesley

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Award Winning Author, Attorney, Speaker, Death Diva and Wisdom Sharer

Darity Wesley, award-winning author, lawyer, speaker, Death Diva and Wisdom Sharer experiences life to its fullest. Having been a traveler on the spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric and personal development path for many decades, Darity brings a perspective wise and experienced. She provided her Modern Day Oracle™ messages to subscribers around the world starting 2006, and now writes a monthly love letter: Wisdom For The New Reality! Darity is an advocate for conscious dying, becoming your True Self, birthing the New Reality and stepping onto the new timelines of our conscious evolution.

Darity recently concluded a fabulous 35-year legal career and is now focusing full time on sharing the wisdom gained from the path for many, many decades 🙂.  She is inspired to shine the light and to help support others on their journey of conscious evolution and spiritual transformation.

Darity is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling Book: You Can Transform Your Life, as well as the companion workbook You Can Transform Your Life ~ Go Deeper. In these books she shares her favorite tools of transformation gained over the course of her lifetime.

Her next work was another Amazon #1 Best Seller and Award Winner: How To Be The REAL You!, as well as the companion workbook How To Be The REAL You! ~ Go Deeper. She is currently busy at work on her next book No One Is Getting Out of Here Alive, Including YOU! A Practical Guide to Death and Dying…

Darity is also the featured author in the award-winning The Word Search Oracle – Yoga for the Brain, a fun and inspirational puzzle book by Cristina and Rick Smith, and is a contributing author in two more word search books in the Yoga for the Brain series:  Inspired Wisdom Word Search and Life Wisdom Word Search. She was also a contributing author to the book book 27 Flavors of Fulfillment. She was also a Master Teacher at the Panacea Life School and has written many articles, including those featured in Women’s Voices Magazine, BIZCATLYST360 and OM Times magazine.

She offers a free eBook entitled Tame That Monkey Mind. If interested, you can sign up for it on her website!

To sign up for Darity’s monthly Wisdom For the New Reality, or to get to know each other and support the building of the new realtiy,  please email or visit her website at

Awards and Affiliations

2017 Winner of New Apple Literary Award for her book You Can Transform Your Life (Solo Medalist Winner in the Inspirational/Motivational/Self-Help Category)

2018 Winner of the New Apple Literary Award for her book How To Be The REAL You! 

Darity Wesley

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