• Catherine Gruener posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Holy Cow Y’all….I forgot to post this here!
    $7000 worth of Parent Training, Support, 12 groups, amazing parent program that costs less than 2 sessions with me in my private office! Less than $500!
    If you are a parent who or know of a parent who is struggling with a child who:

    ● has violent meltdowns 5-10X a day…
    ● Screams “NO!” anytime you open your mouth…
    ● Won’t sit still or follow directions…

    or has hard to control ADHD, ODD, Autism spectrum behavioral issues…..this is the training for you, your friend, your sibling…..your neighbor
    Heart-centered…..connection…. Dayna calls her program connection, understanding, and empowerment….and it is so in-line with Encouragement Parenting’s connections, teaching and problem solving.

    I cannot believe she is practically giving away this program! It would cost you close to $3000 to get this training with me 1:1 in my office and you wouldn’t have the support group, nor the sensory processing and really cool training from a previous CPS teacher who has gone through it herself.
    This training opportunity ends Friday. I sincerely hope anyone who has an outside of the box kid, who doesn’t understand why, who wants desperately to connect but can’t seem to get there….gets this training.