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    Sacred Spaces
    October 19th, 2017 12pm CT
    Rising from the Ashes: Perspectives on the Last 2 Months
    with Heather Elizabeth Neary of SHINE, Linda Gillan founder of MUD to STARS project for Mental Health, @lindagillan and Aisha-Sky Gates Wellness Universe World-Changer of Gates Counseling @aisha-skygates

    This Sacred Space Hour offers panel discussions and interviews where healers connect and have intelligent conversation about the months current affairs and issues. From interviews to round table panel discussions, each month takes on the current issues that impact our world.

    Join Heather Elizabeth, Linda Gillan, Aisha-Sky and myself as we tackle the earth events that have happened these last 2 months, reactions from the psyche, physical, community, and soul, what healers have done to move through these events, and ways to transform and heal in the future.

    Heather Elizabeth is a life-long Seeker of the greater purpose and meaning of existence. Since she was a young girl, she has been a champion for unity consciousness and now recognizes it to be the next evolutionary step for humanity. She has a background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked in a variety of settings including hospice, long-term care facilities for aging adults and adults with special needs, and the admissions department of a psychiatric hospital. In 2006, a challenging life transition catapulted Heather into her own evolutionary leap in consciousness. Heather’s yearning for Spiritual growth led her to be initiated into the ancient healing arts of shamanism, energy medicine, and the life-changing experience of attending Nine Gates Mystery School. Through her own awakening process, Heather heeded the call to unite her background as a Social Worker with the spiritual lineages she holds to be of service as a guide and ally for others’ awakening journeys. She is devoted to being a source of inspiration and empowerment to fellow human BEIngs. In being blessed to work with hundreds of people over the years, Heather has witnessed firsthand the potential for miraculous transformation when a person is able to directly connect with their own inner truth and discover meaning and connectedness in their life. Heather feels that it is her life’s purpose to support the evolutionary shift that is happening upon the planet and has created a powerful program called SHINE: Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution, that is designed to provide practical tools to discover one’s truth and therefore live an authentic and joyful life. Heather feels that a key to peace within oneself and within our world is in healing and uniting the masculine and feminine energies and celebrates the reemergence of the Sacred Feminine essence of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion.

    Linda Gillan is one of the inaugural members of the Wellness Universe. She is an advocate for Mental Health and works to eradicate the stigma associated with Mental Health Issues, uses practical and creative solutions to support others, and consolidated her gifts into creating HEART of LINDA. In her own words: “I regard wellness of our entire being as a complete package with our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness deserving equal respect, understanding and support. I acknowledge the polarities in our world…can’t change the big stuff alone but I can help someone’s day feel better, with a smile or by stopping to listen and simply being there for a while. With individual support and working together in unity, we DO make a difference in creating positive change in the world.
    My PURPOSE ~ WHY I Am A Passionate Mental Health Advocate: http://blog.thewellnessuniverse.com/why-i-am-a-passionate-mental-health-advocate/
    Talking About The ELEPHANT in the ROOM – Our Mental Health
    I AM stirring up a storm to get people talking about their mental health.
    My AIM ~ is to educate and dispel mis-perceptions surrounding mental illness, by encouraging safe, open and honest conversations about how we are feeling.
    WHO I AM today, is testament to our ability to transmute conditioned beliefs, destructive thoughts and habits. My episodes of mental illness, were the catalyst for alchemy of my mind, resulting in massive changes in myself and my life.

    Aisha-Sky holds a bachelors in Cultural Anthropology and a masters degree in Organizational Development. She has over 20 years of experience Life Coaching, Organizational development consultant, Relationship coach, Author of publications on personal and organizational effectiveness, Public speaker, Meeting facilitator and Workshop instructor. She offers tremendous experience, deep intuition, and a gentle touch. “I am kind and loving. Because I cultivate balance and peace through daily meditative practices, you will find that I can hear you in extraordinary ways. I’ll help you to see yourself more clearly. Starting with discussion, I have a wide range of tools and talents to put into service for you.”

    Join us for this engaging Sacred Space hour.


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