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Aisha-Sky Gates

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Life-positive counseling for all alternative lifestyles. Relationship coaching.


I am a relationship coach and alternative lifestyle counselor.  My background is in organizational development.  I work with LGBTQ, polyamorous, swing, and kink communities, non-egalitarian couples, and with all sex-positive communities.  My new book is Unequal Partnership:  a dating guide for loving non-egalitarian relationships.

I want to connect with you:

Invite me to speak to your organization.
Suggest a writing or social service project for us to collaborate on.
Ask me to design a couples retreat or workshop for you.
Buy Unequal Partnership at Amazon and everywhere books are sold.  Ebook and print.  Reviews welcome.
Visit Gates Counseling (therapists, counselors, and general public are welcome).  NEW SITE!

Invite me to interview on your radio or TV show or podcast.  I'm a smooth interviewee.

To discuss what life-positive counseling (not trauma-oriented) or coaching can do for you, please, go to Gates Counseling and use my contact form.  Individuals and couples; all are welcome.  I do a lot of couples counseling and I love my work.

Thank you.

DOWNLOAD MY FREE EBOOK, Speak Up for Your Needs.

Hear me on Gary Karp's Passionate Talk radio show at

FACEBOOK LIVE with Shari Alyse, 2-16-18, Speak for Your Needs.

Hear my Our Better Half podcast interview with Jane Fleischman, Ph.d. and Ashley Mader, Ph.d. on considering nontraditional relationship models.  Aired September, 2018.

Awards and Affiliations

International Network of Psychotherapeutic Practice

OD, Organizational Development Network

Western Mass Coaching Association

American Counseling Association

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom



Causes and Organizations

Planned Parenthood

National Public Radio


Unicorn Meadow Farm, a working farm that is also a spiritual center for a large, wonderful community of healers

Other causes:  positive masculinity and countering domestic violence; children's welfare.

Aisha-Sky Gates

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