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Candia Lea Cole

Nourishing the Eco-Intelligence that Invites Whole Living!

Hello, my name is Candia Lea Cole, and I'm the founder of Eco-Learning Legacies. I assist individuals, families, and wellness educators in learning about, and teaching others about, how they can use their everyday food and lifestyle choices to create greater wellness in their bodies and the Earth. I'm an advocate for the organic movement, non GMO foods, truth in advertising, whole foods nutrition, drug-less non-toxic medicine, the humane and loving care of all living things, simple abundance, spiritual growth, and feminine leadership.

Are you concerned about the serious health challenges that are impacting people and the Earth due to our toxic environment and the toxic food and lifestyle habits that people have been socially conditioned to adopt? Are you a parent, a wellness coach, a health practitioner, or a young adult advocating for the environment, who is seeking ed. tools that will support you in learning about, and teaching others about, clean, green, eco-conscious living?

If So, I've Got You Covered!

I create educational tools and trainings that communicate the necessity and value of creating "eco-intelligent" lifestyles, and serve to alleviate "environmental illness", which is now affecting ALL people and living things.

Ed. Tools & Trainings I've Created Include:

* Tabletop TUTORS Info-Graphics-Includes 100 colorful, text-rich teaching posters that give you the knowledge you need, to create a healthy, green lifestyle! (Re-seller opportunities available!)

* 3 Whole Foods Cookbooks- (My video classes demonstrate "eco-gourmet" cuisine)

* The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model- Meet the first eating model of its kind to promote organic farming and eating. (Every eco-conscious food business needs to showcase this on their website!)

* Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate Certification Training- Learn about, and teach others about why eco-conscious farming and nutrition are essential to our survival in the 21st century! (Will license the use of this training to businesses as well)

* Autism Reference Guide- 'Eco-Intelligent Remedies for Autism that Think Outside the Box' shares remedies for Autism, that consider the needs of the whole person, -body, mind, heart and soul!

* Eco-Mentor Leadership Trainings- Discover the 6 'ingredients' of "eco-intelligent" living that I unearthed on my self-healing…

Awards and Affiliations


• 1989 -Minnesota’s Great Growing Organic Food Cook-Off (1st place winner and recipient of $1,000 first prize)

• 1998-Minnesota Parent Magazine Essay Contest: “Devoted to Children” (Winner and recipient of $150)

• 2006-The Fred Factor Award –Dedication to Helping People Achieve a Greater Sense of Well-Being (Las Vegas,…

Causes and Organizations

* Humanity's Team-Connecting with others who are committed to awakening and living in oneness, and advancing a compassionate, eco-conscious world that works for all.

* Holistic Moms' Network- Connecting with moms who seek to learn about green lifestyle practices.

* Working with Jen Mendez, the founder of Permie Kids, to…

Candia Lea Cole

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