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Becky Vasilovski

Transformed Life Coaching

I am honored to be here at The Wellness Universe and looking forward to getting to know the the wonderful community here.. I am a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach for individuals and organizations. Providing motivation, accountability and support within nutrition, rest & stress management along with cardio and resistance training as a foundation for life's balance and what works within the present. My work has proven to keep individuals and organizations focused and taking action week to week to accelerate what is already a powerful tool within. This keeps them focused on specific goals while I provide feed back, encouragement through the frustrations and challenges along the way, providing them with the tools, techniques and a process personally designed for every client. Working with me as your Life Coach helps you get further and in less time than you possibly could on your own. 


On a personal note within my own life experience with an eating disorder in recovery, I ask did you know than more than 11 million woman and girls struggle with an eating disorder in America today? With 4 daughters of my own I have a strong driven passion and purpose to help educate woman and girls to say "no" to  eating disorders and bridge the gap from this generation to the next. Here are some questions I used to be consumed with "YES". 

Are you constantly dieting and wishing you looked like someone else?

Do you spend your days thinking about food, weight, and your body?

Do you count calories, weigh yourself multiple times a day, and feel "fat" no matter what you weigh? 

Are you uncomfortable eating a regular meal? Do you make judgements about yourself based on what you eat?

Do you think others are judging you by what you eat , and do you feel anxious eating around other people? 

Yes! Yes! Yes! Such a consuming lonely place to be. My "why" to help other woman and girls to say "no".






Becky Vasilovski

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