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    Free Class with @erikalaszlo https://wellnessuniverse.learnitlive.com/class/12684/7-Money-Traps-Blocking-Your-Financial-Freedom-w-WU-Expert-Erika-Laszlo

    The New Year will be filled with prosperity for you, it’s time to make money! Let’s get real, heart-based entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, wellness professionals: Why is it so difficult for money to flow to you? You have great value and are here to make a positive change, but if you struggle to thrive, grow and offer your service to the world in a big way? Please join us live for our virtual workshop and meet WU Featured Expert Erika Laszlo who will help you realize your money blocks and allow 2019 to be bigger than you ever dreamed possible.

    Money issues are common and nothing to be ashamed about. We get it! Especially if you are in the helping professions like: coaches, teachers, spiritual and energy healers. You are amazing at what you do, have passion and a desire to share your gifts with people in which you know you can change their life, however, money does not flow easily, which makes you down on yourself, lose interest in what you are doing and worse yet, cause you to doubt yourself and your path.

    This workshop will empower you with the tools, not only for yourself, but for your clients as well for all issues surrounding money and abundance. Learn about the 7 Money Traps and how to avoid them.

    You will learn:
    1. The 7 Money Traps that can block you from creating what you want and allow you to achieve your dreams
    2. The financial/success ceiling we carry from generation to generation and how to break the cycle
    3. The DEMERT Method allows you to transform any limiting belief, and you will learn it

    Erika Laszlo, founder of *SuperConscious World International Network, Creator of SuperConscious Self-Coaching, author and WU World-Changer and Featured Expert for this workshop will transform how you look at Money and you will be able to help yourself and others in their money matters.

    Wonderful Gifts for Joining!

    Sign up and Receive: How to ask Universe for a sign. ($10 value)

    Join the Live Workshop and Receive: Becoming Present: Mindfulness Tips for a Hectic Age ($20 value)

    6 Winners During the LIVE Workshop!:
    3 Winners: 30 minutes SuperConscious Self-Coaching – Zoom session with Erika about transforming the financial/success ceiling in the family tree Value – $300 each! (valid until January 30 2019)

    3 Winners: $2000 off SuperConscious Self-Coaching special package, valid until February 28 2019 for 4 days SSC Intensive webinar (live or recorded)

    *SuperConscious Self Couching system is exclusively trademarked and copyright protected.

    Free Class with @erikalaszlo https://wellnessuniverse.learnitlive.com/class/12684/7-Money-Traps-Bloc