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Erika Laszlo

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Erika László is a transformational teacher, a coach, an author and a communication trainer.

She has transformed thousands of lives (including CEO’s and celebrities), saved marriages from breaking apart, businesses from bankruptcy, and gave new perspective and a fresh start for those with severe health or money issues.

She is the creator of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™, “DEMERT Method™” (an effective tool to change limiting beliefs), co-founder of SuperConscious World™ and co-owner of SzuperC Ltd the umbrella organization of SuperConscious Community.

Before founding SuperConscious World with her husband (who has been CEO of different multinational companies) she has been a financial director of a private school and then a Vice President of a spiritual organisation in Olympia, Washington (USA).

She is fluent and teaches in Hungarian, English and Spanish and has some basic French, Italian, German and Russian knowledge. She currently lives in Budapest, Hungary in the European Union.

She and her husband are the proud parents of their grown-up son who lives in Germany.


MuZen of the Soul – Erika’s 7 Zen advice is music to your soul

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CCQ - Creative Coaching Questions – with more than 700 questions especially written to SuperConscious Mentors who work with SuperConscious Self-Coaching

KEY to Creative Work – Handbook with lots of practical and communication advice to practitioners, coaches who handle clients

SuperConscious Chakra Cards – Handbook and cards that help to balance your energies and gives you positive attitude

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Awards and Affiliations

WU Featured Expert: 7 Money Traps Blocking Your Financial Freedom 

Author - Amazon Author Page

Creator, Master Instructor, Co-owner - SuperConscious World

Certified Coach - ELMACOIN

Certified Communication trainer - The Gordon Institute

Causes and Organizations

SuperConscious World™ - Clean water to Moms

Erika Laszlo

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