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Accolon Hollingsworth

Self-Mastery Trainer. Self-Mastery is the ultimate self-care practice.

Self-mastery training is my specialty. I offer a self-mastery transformational training program with lots of personal connection and guidance.  Email me to get in on this opportunity to become a master!

More than 25 years training people in self-mastery and promoting health.

Accolon Hollingsworth is the founder of Spiritual Kung fu: a system of self-mastery (self-care).

He trains people to maximize the health and strength of their:

heart (love center)

He further trains people to harmonize these aspects of themselves into an effective team in alignment with their wellness and higher purpose.

"When you become a self-master, you heal your own suffering and your very being becomes a cure for humanity's suffering." -Accolon Hollingsworth

Accolon began his life of health promotion and self-mastery by studying kung fu and becoming his teacher's apprentice. He was a live-in apprentice: training intensely and studying full time. His kung fu teacher was his spiritual teacher and trained Accolon to be a kung fu priest.

During his apprenticeship, Accolon learned how to work with people on multiple levels: how to help people on the soul, mind, body, emotion, intuition, and energy levels of their being. Training people in this comprehensive way has made Accolon skilled in helping people with a wide range of challenges: from decreasing anxiety and fear, to developing inner strengths and personal power, to healing from trauma, to parenting.

After 12 years studying kung fu, Accolon graduated his teacher's training and became a full fledged kung fu teacher. He spent the next 13 years developing his self-mastery system (Spiritual Kung fu). Part of the development of Spiritual Kung fu was applying the teachings, skills, and practices in the lives of Accolon's students (as well as in his own life) with transformational and transcendent results.

To serve both non-martial artists and martial artists alike, Accolon is a Life Coach. (There are so many skills and practices in Spiritual Kung fu that non-martial artists can use without needing to learn self-defense). As a Life Coach, Accolon provides a suite of services (specific training packages) which you can find on…

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Helping humanity mature into its spiritual magnificence.

Accolon Hollingsworth

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