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Accolon Hollingsworth

Self-Mastery & Parenting Trainer. Self-Mastery is the ultimate self-care practice and the better we are as people, the better we are as parents.

I am a Self-mastery Trainer who specializes in helping people overcome their inner battles, feel good about themselves and become a triumph of the human spirit!

My favorite application of my self-mastery system, Soul Strength Kung fu (in my own life) is in parenting. I have used it to get through challenges and tragedy with my child and I intact and enjoying our relationship and our family life together. The self-mastery skills I teach and use help me make fewer mistakes and use the mistakes I do make to my child's advantage.

I have taught many people over my 30 years of experience as a teacher and I feel the most fulfillment in teaching my child these self-care and happiness skills (that include care of the body, mind, ego, heart and soul) because I get to teach in immersion fashion and help my child thoroughly as he learns how to care for himself while navigating his life and this thing we call being a person.

I get to enjoy seeing him be self-secure, love himself well and be good for himself and others as he navigates growing up.

Parenting my child with self-mastery (by example as well as actively guiding him to master himself) enhances my spiritual practice of being a parent and my spiritual practice of being a person. And I keep creating fulfilling experiences with my parenting method.

Thanks to parenting with self-mastery, I am fulfilled in my parenting life and my kid and I have a good thing going.

Wanting more parents and kids to enjoy what my child and I enjoy together, I specialize in teaching my parenting method: Parenting with Self-Mastery.

To learn this parenting method for yourself (and for your child/ren) email me for more information and inspiration. Click the following link, which is my email address specific for my parenting training. Let me know what you are struggling with in your parenting life and I will respond with encouragement and help you determine the best way for me to help you. Most likely this will be starting you with my online courses, then…

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Helping parents and children win their inner struggles, feel good about themselves and thrive together.

Accolon Hollingsworth

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