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I help people who want to be inspired by the person in the mirror master self-confidence in 90 days (without having to be positive all the time, having to do it perfectly, or wasting time on meaningless goals) so they become inner strength champions who rise above their inner pain and thrive through their challenges.

With 30 plus years  experience, I bring ongoing support to people who transform themselves with this training so they confidently apply what they learn for years to come!

My passion for helping people be inspired by the person in the mirror is best summed up by an experience I wrote about back on August 29, 2018:

Once again, I begin this day with wonderful feelings. I feel calm, centered, and ready for life today. I am also feeling self-fulfillment. And I saw in the mirror a glimmer in my eyes, bright with my soul stepping into the world with the purpose of helping others feel these wonderful feelings too.

My background:

As a child I saw the dysfunction, abuse and trauma in the world and wanted to help heal it but didn’t know how.

As an adult I learned how in my Kung Fu Priest training. I learned how to help people overcome the dysfunction, abuse and trauma in the world by overcoming their emotional pain and transforming themselves into a force of health in the world.


To watch a free preview video of this training, click the Soul Strength Kung Fu logo.

This is a non-religious spiritual training with a depth of strengths & skills that help you against any influences trying to turn you against yourself, help you overcome your inner struggles and enable you to be happy through tough times.

To read my articles about self-mastery and how to make the world a better place through mastering yourself, click the image of me below. You will be taken to my Wellness Universe Author page.                                                                               

Accolon’s teaching bio:

About Soul Strength Kung fu:

A kung fu form I developed to practice flowing through many styles:



Causes and Organizations

To help humanity transcend into our spiritual magnificence.

Accolon Hollingsworth

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