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Accolon Hollingsworth

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Personal Transformation That Transforms The World

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I help people overcome inner struggles in the way of successes they want (in career/business, socially etc.), and build inner strengths to create those successes.

I do this by training people in skills and strengths from the self-mastery system and Spiritual Kung Fu Warriorship I developed from the Kung Fu Priest training I received.  

With 30 plus years  experience, I take people beyond the pep-talks to actual transformation with actual training that delivers skills and strengths that bring out the best in people for them to feel good about themselves and maximize their enjoyment of daily life…even when life is hard.

My passion for helping people be inspired by the person in the mirror is best summed up by an experience I wrote about back on August 29, 2018:

Once again, I begin this day with wonderful feelings. I feel calm, centered, and ready for life today. I am also feeling self-fulfillment. And I saw in the mirror a glimmer in my eyes, bright with my soul stepping into the world with the purpose of helping others feel these wonderful feelings too.

To get a free training to develop your inner strength for self-confidence, click the Soul Strength Kung Fu logo.

My background:

As a child I observed the dysfunction, abuse and trauma in the world and wanted to help heal it. I looked around at the society I was growing up in and noticed people hurting themselves, and people hurting others. I wanted to help them people out of that pain. As a child I did not know how to help these problems.

When I was  a teenager, an unusual Kung Fu Teacher helped me heal from my the childhood traumas of growing up with an alcoholic step-dad and abuse in my childhood home so I didn’t carry that trauma into my adulthood. I felt such relief that I wanted to help others experience this inner relief. My teacher took me on as an apprentice and gave me Kung Fu Priest training.

In that specialized training, I finally learned how to help heal the dysfunction, abuse and trauma in society I had wanted to help when I was a child. I finally learned how to help people out of suffering and into enjoyment. I learned how to help people win their inner battles. Of course, I had to learn how to do this with myself in order to learn how to do this for others. Experiential learning created a deep understanding of what I teach.

After graduating my apprenticeship, I went on to apply what I had learned to regular everyday life. This has given me an edge in overcoming the challenges and pain in life through the years. Whatever the hardship or hurtful experience (betrayal, divorce, heartache, people I love dying etc.) the inner skills I teach and inner strengths I help people develop have enabled me to continue on through intense negative experiences intact and able to make things better…always.

I even mastered healing emotional pain.

I tell you, master the ability to heal your emotional pain and you can replace the fear of getting hurt with the feeling of self-confidence in your ability to be okay even if someone does hurt you…wow it this freeing! Try it! I can teach you how.

Many times I have felt way better than my circumstances indicated I should. And I have often thought I wish more people felt as good as I do going through the painful and stressful things in life. I train people to have this same edge in life that I do.

To read my articles about self-mastery and how to make the world a better place through mastering yourself, click the image of me below. You will be taken to my Wellness Universe Author page.                                                                               

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About Soul Strength Kung fu:

A kung fu form I developed to practice flowing through many martial art styles:



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To help humanity transcend into our spiritual magnificence.

Accolon Hollingsworth

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