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As a child I saw the dysfunction, abuse and trauma in the world and wanted to help heal it but didn’t know how.

As an adult I learned how in my kung fu priest training. I learned that this happens through individuals overcoming their emotional pain and transcending suffering with their spiritual magnificence, then contributing their spiritual magnificence to the world.

I help people do this with Soul Strength Kung fu (the self-mastery system I founded).

I teach this through my online training: Spiritual Kung fu Warrior Training for Healing.

This online training course comes with lifetime training support.

This training enables people to develop their spiritual magnificence, overcome their emotional pain and become a force of health that helps heal society.

I do this as a Spiritual Kung fu Warrior and Spiritual Kung fu Warrior Trainer.

I am 30 years into this calling.







Causes and Organizations

To help humanity transcend into our spiritual magnificence.

Accolon Hollingsworth

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