Connecting with others empowers the energy of joy and humanity.

In last week’s email, I discussed connecting to our ancestors and the opportunity it creates for healing and charting our soul’s purpose. This is a powerful resource for discovering and living as our authentic selves.

Another empowering tool for living authentically, being in self-care, and bringing joy into our lives is connecting with others. This can be done in person or virtually, via phone, video, or live. It can be done in a group setting or one-on-one. It can be playful, serious, whatever is called on to create presence and honor the intentions of the connection.

Connecting with others empowers us to experience the fullness of humanity. This includes love, compassion, collaboration, and creating shared memories. It provides an opportunity to be ourselves in a safe and loving space and to step outside of ourselves to be that loving presence for others.

As with ancestral connections, being in a community with others facilitates opportunities for growth, learning, and perspective. There is the support of loving souls that allow us to be as we are and who can role model aspects of ourselves that we wish to access, strengthen, or heal.

There is a magical energy that comes from being in connection. We live in a flow bigger than ourselves, and we experience the potential for expanded presence, awareness, and joy.

The magic and power of connecting to others is one of the 12 keys you will learn as part of the course I am offering in April.

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