SOUL EMPOWERMENT ~ Bridging Polarities, Live 3/9, 1 pm EST

We live in a dualistic world of apparent opposites—struggle/ease, hot/cold, light/dark, abundance/lack, positive/negative to name but a few. A skewed perspective of worry, negativity, anger, stress can rob us of living and experiencing peace. But as we become aware, we become more powerful. This program will help you return to center … that space of love at the center of good/bad, joyful/sad, etc.

There is a spectrum of opportunity and love between the extreme polarities. Often we just need to shift our perspective, focus, and stance. Join David McLeod, Sara Jane, Nancy Stevens, and me for tips and, perhaps, new awarenesses. Our key speaking points are: We Don’t Always Recognize our Blessings; Seeing Through the Lens of Love; The Energy Transformer Within; No One Made You THE Judge.

Free registration with live chat; post-session recording available.

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