When you honor your heart, you find your way to your soul’s highest good.

Sometimes we feel internal conflicts. Sometimes we feel challenging emotions. Sometimes we don’t know the best next step.

During these times, it is important to honor your heart. It will lead you to the most authentic route for your highest good.

Honoring your heart entails being in self-care and presence. One good way to get in touch with your heart space is to be still, sit in silence, and meditate on your heart. Feel your feels, all of them, honor them, and let them teach you what you are meant to learn.

Some people use tools to help create a sacred space for this practice. This includes lighting sage, candles, or incense. It may also include putting on music, getting out in nature, or doing something creative.

One important aspect is to set a clear intention to hear your heart’s messages. Another important step is to honor all of the feelings that arise and be in observation of them. Be open to the blessed opportunities for learning, growth, and expansion. As well as healing and guidance.

When you honor your heart, you find your way to your soul’s highest good. This will help you create and reinforce a loving relationship with yourself.

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