Colors have their own energy. Do you hear how your body talks to you with color?

Colors have their own energy. They emit vibrations that radiate into the universe.

Our bodies talk to us. One way they communicate is via color.

When we are present in our bodies and sit in still awareness, we tune into the messages meant for our highest purpose. We see how the various colors project specific information.

Expanding this skill enables us to access this awareness as needed to obtain direction, focus, and clarity. This provides a powerful intuitive tool for living an empowered life.

Today’s VoiceAmerica show will journey into “The Color Portal: Your Body Talks to You with Color”. Dawn Simpson, Intuitive Coach and Color Healing Practitioner, will join me as we discover the power of this magical gift.

Join us HERE on VoiceAmerica at 1 pm ET/10 am PT.

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