How do you top up your vitamin D?

I don’t know about you, but over here in the UK, there seems to be 2 seasons a year: Spring and Fall.

This year — although, not as bad as last year (2019), with weeks of flooding and weather alerts — there’s been only a few days (no more than 5, I believe) that could qualify as hot days (over 25˚c). The heating has been switched on 3 times already this week (honestly, it’s cold!!!), with temperatures dropping to 9˚c in the night (in the middle of summer! HELP!!!!) and barely reaching 19˚c during the day. 

This raises a particular concern. How do you top up your vitamin D, considering that our body builds reserves of vitamin D during the hot sunny days of summer so that every single of our cells receive a decent amount during the colder, darker months of winter?

Should you supplement?

How about making the body more resilient? A topic that could not be hotter in the light of recent events… 

Find out here:

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