How to Bring the Law of Attraction Into Your Morning Routine

The Power of the Universe

The law of attraction has existed since the beginning of time, whether we knew it existed or not. Some of you may be wondering what the law of attraction is, let me explain it to you. The law of attraction, in short, means the thoughts and feelings you focus on will be attracted to your life. The law of attraction is just as sure as the law of gravity. If you feel the emotions that come along with your vision, you will, in fact, attract it into your reality.

Some of the most successful people in the world talk about the law of attraction. It’s the law of the universe, not of the world. Law of attraction can bring good things into your life, and it can bring unfortunate things into your life. It’s preached in this industry to focus on the things you want to happen in your life, not so much the fears. It’s okay to let the fears trickle in, as long as you correct them as fast as they came in. See them, understand them, replace them with something positive.

I have implemented a manifestation morning routine, and I’m going to share it with you so you can implement it into your life as well.


The words that come out of your mouth can manifest into reality, which is why they say watch what you say. Positive affirmations aren’t just to make yourself feel better, you put them out into the universe. The more you say things like; I am happy, I am loved, I am beautiful, I am wealthy, I am abundant, the more the universe gives you what you want and what you believe.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Test it out. Not only is it going to make you feel empowered, but it’s going to start manifesting through your eyes and into your life. Feel those emotions when you’re saying it, feel as if you already have them in your life. How would it make you feel? It’s not just about saying the words, but it’s about feeling the emotions that come along with it.

Visual Meditation

Visual meditation also is known as visual manifesting, it’s one of my favorite forms of attracting what you want into your life. After your affirmations, find a comfortable spot and turn on some manifesting music. Go to YouTube or your playlist and type in music for manifestation. Play it, get comfortable, and start visualizing your ideal life. Be intentional, be specific, what does your ideal life look like? Who’s in it? What are you doing? What is your career? Do you have a career? How much money are you making? What house are you in? Where are you? Really visualize it, implement the emotions as if you already have it. Don’t doubt the universe, trust in the universe. This step usually takes me the longest, because I get lost in my thoughts and I forget where the time goes. It’s very peaceful.


This step is like visual meditation except for on paper. Write out your ideal day, be specific, be intentional. Most importantly, write it in the present tense. Write it down as if it is already yours today. Write down how you’re feeling, what you see, what you smell, what you hear. You want to get as specific as you can, make it fun!

Gratitude Journaling

Writing what you are grateful for as if you already have it. This is like scripting, but less of a day plan out, and more of a list of gratitudes. You still want to be specific and intentional. You still want to feel the emotions as if you already have them. For example:

“I am so grateful I am making over $10,000 a month.”

“I am so grateful I am living in the house of my dreams.”

“I am so grateful I am abundant in every aspect of my life and I don’t have to worry about my finances anymore.”

“I am so grateful I am loved, happy, and healthy.”

Keep writing down what you are grateful for, every single day. Write it down over, and over, and over again. Repeat it, feel it, keep it close to your heart.

Podcasts & Audiobooks

Whether I am walking, driving, or doing the dishes I always have a podcast or audiobook playing.

I like to add this to my morning routine because it gives me insightful information on what other people do to bring positivity and the law of attraction into their lives.

I think it’s important to listen to something to make you feel happy and makes you feel like it’s making an impact on your day. I have downloaded podcasts and audiobooks on manifestation, mindset, motivation, and really understanding more about this world that we live in. This isn’t a requirement for your morning routine, but it definitely helped mine. Learning and expanding the mind is a fantastic way to evolve as a person. I love learning and I love growing, so that’s why I have added podcasts and audiobooks into my list of to do’s in the morning.

Great Podcasts: Manifestation Babe, Pursuit of Bliss, The Mindset Mentor

Great Mindset Audiobooks: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F — , Girl Stop Apologizing, You are a Badass & You are a Badass at Making Money

Manifestation and the law of attraction have proven itself over and over again to bring positive things into people’s life. It’s important to learn about it now, so you can be more intentional with your thought patterns. It has brought a lot of positivity and meaning into many people’s lives. Creating this morning routine and habitually doing it every single day can make a massive impact on your life. So let’s start manifesting our dream life, you’ve got this.

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