What Is Your Face Story?

Even though we are facing insurmountable amount of stress due to coronavirus and stay-home orders, there is a silver lining to this because we are helping Mother Nature to rebuild itself, to strengthen its resources and support all life on this planet. We’ve contributed to positive changes in the world, the air is cleaner as the pollution levels are down, and as a result we are on a way to be healthier, happier and younger looking. And this is exactly what my Safe Natural Skin Care podcast is all about. I believe in Hope and Possibilities and in each episode will focus on burning question from my listeners about the skin and how to get back to a youthful look naturally.

It’s time to get inspired! It’s time to develop healthy lifestyle habits while we are home and have some time to devote to learning something new. According to Dr. Maltz it takes 21 days to form a new habit so that it becomes a second nature to us. So start doing it now and by the time you get back to work you’ll be an expert.

Let’s begin. 

The most frequently asked question today is How do I get rid of a double chin or those deep folds on the neck?  Let me begin to answer this by showing you why does we develop the deep lines on the neck and crepey skin on the neck. As you are aware of the need for exercising our body to keep healthy the same applies to the face. The face is a resident to some 50 plus muscles, and half of these muscles are responsible for expressing emotions of our face. So what happens when you don’t move your face because you stare at the TV or your computer all day and listen to the latest breaking news segments? Your muscles “freeze up” and lose its strength to hold the skin. As a result, the lack of movement and stimulation to the muscle that holds on to the skin directly, deep folds and skin sagging begins to takes place. Not to mention that the age factor plays a huge role in this, in people over 50 the collagen depletion is significant and it is somewhere in a range of 30% to 40%. As a result your skin is not as ‘springy’, it doesn’t have enough elastin to rebound back quickly.  That’s the bad news. But there is hope. It takes some effort, dedication and a plan to reverse the muscle mass lost and stimulate cells to produce new collagen. I’ve been helping women look younger for two decades, and I can help you too if you are willing to make small changes in your lifestyle and be consistent. If you need one-on-one help in mapping out a plan of action for your particular situation please schedule a Virtual Consultation with me. 

What to do to make the neck become firm again? The first step is to limit the time you are looking down crunching the neck at either a keyboard or by reading a book in bed. Make an effort to keep your neck at 90 degrees to the surface you are looking at. A simple prep with a pillow in bed would help, and lowering the computer chair by half an inch should change your posture and position your neck more upright. If you do nothing else for two weeks but those simple changes you’ll notice a difference in the way your neck looks. And now that you’ve developed a good habit of keeping your neck straight I can give you a tip on how to increase the circulation and drain the deposits and by products of metabolism from your face and neck. 

As always, here is a disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, I am a skin care expert, before starting any exercise program consult with your physician. 

If you are able to do some exercising before the face workout please choose what’s best to increase circulation, you can do 10 jumping jacks, pushups, sit ups or crunches–your goal is to bring your heart beat up.  Take 5 deep breaths in and exhale toxins created by stress or other factors. Next, wash your face and then apply a shea butter or any other moisturizing lotion to your face and neck so that your hands are able to slide easily. You might want to wet your hands to add more of the slip as we are not wanting to tug the skin.

 Let’s begin with the neck exercising as the carotid artery is located on the sides of the neck. This is the key to supplying fresh nutrients and fresh oxygen to the face. Turn your head to the right and place the right hand on the left collar bone and swipe it all way up towards the cheek. Use some pressure, the goal is to warm up the skin and pump some fresh blood into the muscles. Repeat 5 times. one side, put the opposite hand on the collar bone and with begin swiping upwards. Once you have done a good jo on delivering the fresh blood into the face, you can now make deep circles with both hand on your cheeks. Large circles to make the cheeks rosy. Give it at least 2 minutes. Repeat the neck swiping and the cheek circles 10 times. Do this twice a day or more if you can. After a couple of days notice that your skin looks younger. You might not have gotten rid of the deep lines on the neck just yet but you should see a tremendous difference already. This workout coupled with adjustment in your posture is a receipt for success. Don’t forget to nutrify your body with dark leafy greens and cut the carbs to minimum as it will help your skin to regain the firmness and its radiant glow quickly. Of course, those exercising are great for you but I recommend finding a local spa where you can add a professional facial to this routine.

Here is a video that might help you visualize the process of restoring the strength of the face muscles while stimulating collagen production. 

Happy workout!


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