Throughout my life as a writer, my muse, who I have come to realize is my inner spirit, likes to have an inner dialogue with me. We discuss the everyday habits and requirements of life, but only briefly. Most thoughts are on the spiritual life, creating a strong soul, and enduring the ill behavior of those whom I come into contact. As one man told me, “Don’t hate the person, hate the evil spirit inside”. He was half correct. I have come to know that there was and is no evil spirit inside the person. It is simply the person on their individual journey seeking out enlightenment or ignorant of the source. We are all on different paths and planes of existence in the spirit world. This relays over to our life here on Earth. Therefore, each contact with another person is one in which we are building a strong spirit and soul.

I would offer specific examples of my life experiences, but I am not writing this for anyone to remark about the negative behavior of others or how wonderful l am for overcoming the challenges that were placed before me. I knew as a child that I would face certain situations that would not be pleasant, that my mission in this life was to reveal the true nature of others and help others by bringing peace in their environment. If I was to suffer the consequences for doing so, then I was and am still prepared to do so. This was a revelation of spirit to flesh and in turn, a strengthening of my soul. So I shall write in generalities because universally, we have all gone through difficult challenges in life and had to overcome someone else’s mistreatment. Whether it is family, friends, or co-workers, we have all suffered at the hand of another. So what do you do when you are placed in such a negative mental state?

For me, it is a complete analyzation of the situation and the personalities involved with insight of their spiritual progress. I refuse to allow anyone to move my spirit in a negative state. I may physically be involved within the turmoil, but spiritually, I am removed from the situation. This allows me to remain in the battle, so to speak, without losing my mental or emotional state. For loss of emotional or mental control will lead the spirit into a chaotic space. This is not where one should dwell in any situation. To be able to remove one’s self spiritually from a negative situation, grants control of the surrounding energy between yourself and the other person. Suffer the brunt of insulting and irrational words and combat them with words of peace and truth.

My spirit will not allow me to regress into a lower state of being when confronted with base behavior. How does one achieve this? Through years of meditation and self-reflection, a person who truly wants to know himself or herself and is willing to accept what is within will eventually be able to see what truly motivates others. But, note that you must also see yourself for the imperfect creature you are and know that it is a temporary state of being for you and for others. We are here to improve, to learn, to experience. If there is a controversy experienced, there is a lesson to be learned from the other person and from the manner in which we handle the situation. God places nothing before us that is wasteful.

We must all strive to obtain a sense of spiritual calmness that in turn strengthens the soul. This strength allows us to spiritually connect with others and see them as they really are in this world. By doing this, we can understand the emotion which controls their behavior and can determine the spiritual level on which they presently live. If it is higher than yours, take the knowledge and implement it in your life. If it is lower, take that moment to teach an elevated manner to resolve the issue. Either way, by refusing to engage in tumultuous behavior, our spirit is continually calm and our soul continually strong.

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