Let’s Visualize

Reiki is like a fingerprint, unique and extremely individualistic. If you are a person who connects strongly to emotions, you more than likely will “feel” the energy moving throughout your body and around you more than others. If you are someone who relates to visualizations, you will “see” the energy working on your body and around you. There are so many different experiences I honestly don’t have the time to write them all down. I have had varied sessions with over sixty people so far and the energy never ceases to amaze and surprise me.

If you have not had a reiki session, please try one. Whether it be with me or someone else, it is an experience that will bring you to an internal connection that you could never imagine. With reiki, there is no where to hide, no secret doors, no hidden passages, no excuses. Reiki brings everything to the forefront and you will deal with it all in your own individual way. I recently had a session myself wherein I kept hearing a whistling sound in my right ear, like ringing, but not. I also heard heavy breathing like someone snoring to my left as I lay on the table, but the Reiki Practitioner was on my right side. At one point in the session, the sound came from both right and left side and I could feel the presence of someone else in the room. The Reiki Practitioner was practicing remote reiki while sitting across the room from me. I can tell you that it was a success. I had feelings of elation, heat moving from my crown chakra to my third eye, and when he finally moved to touch my feet, to ground me, a wave of coolness and happiness flooded up my body. I realized I was back here in this physical world. It was so surreal that I would love to experience it again.

I understand even more what my clients and those who are in my reiki circle feel and how different each session is for the person. I have asked my guides and the universe to experience every thing reiki has to offer me and I have not been let down. There have been clients who smell sweet fragrances, or hear a ringing sound, feel heat, cold, or tingling sensations, or see colors or have altered vision, or just feel extremely relaxed and peaceful. With this, I have also felt the same in my own sessions when receiving reiki. It is such a gift to be connected and one with your spiritual self and to know that there is something more than what is seen around you. I would love for everyone to use reiki in their every day life, to know how to call upon that sense of peace and stillness while still working throughout the day with others.

I want to give you a reiki visualization to use in a real life circumstance. Do this when you are confronted by someone in a negative manner. Let them speak, don’t say a word until they are done. As the words come out of their mouth, listen intently, but place the words in orbs of light all around you. Don’t let one word, phrase, or paragraph touch you. Instead, visually place them all within the orbs of light. Once that person is done, visualize the orb moving from you to around them and slowly see the words disappear within each orb. As you do this, you are not just seeing the words, but you are understanding the real reason why that person is behaving as such, this is when you can calmly converse and address each relevant issue. The point is to keep yourself peaceful within while still acknowledging the other person’s pain and/or frustration. Bring the person to you by not partaking in the storm, but observing it rationally. We all want to be understood and this is one way to satisfy that need in a positive manner. This can be done anytime in any situation, even in meditation and after an altercation. If you have a chance to do this, let me know how it goes. I love knowing how the energy works within us all.

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